October 2023


My Recent “So-Called” Gay Life

Now that I’m back in Weimar, it’s time to pause and reflect.

First up, you’ll be happy to know that I have no plans to go any further than 30km from my flat for approximately a month. I fully intend upon enjoying everything Weimar has to offer: Thüringen Bratwurst, Döner, and its quiet parks.

The […]

Toilets, Revisited.

On board ICE 127 International, En route to Weimar, just past Köln.

I’ve acquired a new problem—motion sickness when traveling on high speed ICE trains.

My problem is compounded by the fact that last night I did not sleep well at all—in fact it was an incredibly fitful sleep—punctured three or four times with long […]

Gay Bloomington, Revisited

Yesterday’s Gay Bloomington posting might have accidentally given the wrong impression about Bloomington, Indiana.

The problem with the article in outTraveler isn’t that its information is wrong, but rather the information it provides is more geared to the question, “Would a gay/ bisexual/ queer/ lesbian/ transgendered person want to live in Bloomington?” This is a […]

Gay Bloomington

This morning I received a package from the States with mail!

I disposed of the credit card offers right away, which left me with a few pieces of interesting mail, plus my copies of RollingStone and the Advocate. Packaged with one of the Advocates was an issue of the outTraveler, which is a magazine targeted […]

Evansville: Someplace Else

After a busy day yesterday, I insisted that my friend and I head out to Evansville’s gay bar, Someplace Else.

It’s a surprisingly spacious bar on two floors, and we were there a day too early for the “Main Street Festival,” which would be better described as a pride festival. For those who care, it’s […]

What a drag.

Ah… Bullwinkles.

I headed to the bars tonight with Mateo. First destination: Uncle E’s, where we caught the last 15 minutes of American Idol and watched the winner get crowned. The TV was then switched to “The Contender” where men without shirts were boxing each other to become champion. All the cute ones had apparently […]