March 2024


The Bird is not the word, certainly not for burgers in Berlin.

There is a mythical place in Berlin.

I first heard of it a couple years ago – it’s called The Bird.

Rumors had it that The Bird was the best hamburger in Berlin, if not Europe, and that all burger lovers would go there and think that they were back in America.

That said, I’d […]

18:00 CET: It’s a Schöneburger for dinner

Reading and drinking, while waiting.

I officially leave for vacation tomorrow morning – and so today, I got to work extra early, got an incredible amount done (seriously) and then left before 2. From work I went to the gym where I lifted weights, did cardio, and briefly steamed myself before heading home.

It’s […]

How do you measure a…

And why is it pissed?

One of my favorite Flickr features is my “stats” page—I don’t do a great deal of photo promotion—rarely do my shots join groups. Therefore, it’s always interesting to me when I see an obscure picture suddenly get a lot of attention.

For the last couple weeks, I’ve been both […]

I smell a Whopper®

Just in time for last minute gift giving, Burger King has released Flame, a Whopper Scented men’s cologne:

A Whopper you can eat…

Still can’t think what to get him for Christmas? Socks don’t seem to cut it any more? Fret no longer because Burger King is here to help.

The mass purveyor of […]

Spicy Sanchez

Back in Cheltenham, Sunday evening I had no plans, so I went to an area filled with some casual upscale restaurants called The Brewery.

The Brewery is essentially an attempt to have an upscale dining, fitness, and movie complex, with a couple of stores thrown in for good measure. Judging by the store fronts still […]