May 2024


Germany & Obama

The best German newspaper!

Judging by the cover of yesterday’s Bild, one would think that Germany is ready for Michelle Obama to be first lady.

It’s not difficult German, but for those of you unable to translate “So sexy ist die neue First Lady”, let me provide a quick and dirty translation: “How sexy […]

Current News Thoughts

I have a confession to make.

Other than reading The Economist from cover to cover every week, glancing at edition.CNN.com a couple times every day, and reading a few articles about NYC in the New York Times every day, I really do not follow the news. From what I’ve heard, that probably puts me ahead […]

Republican Values, Evaluated

12 Minutes of detail analysis of Republican George W Bush’s time in Iraq, including his sacrifice honoring dead soldiers: he’s given up golf.

via Brent Everett Blog (NSFW).

Embarrassing Bullying Bush’s America

I adore This American Life, and this week’s episode is excellent, mainly because it helps bring into focus how embarrassing and nasty America has become under W.

The Audacity of Government is well worth the hour.

9 Years

* 1. December 1976 – † 12. October 1998

It’s nearly impossible to eloquently talk each year about Matthew Shepard and what he means to me. 2007 marks the ninth anniversary of Matthew’s death after having been beaten and tortured.

In the last year not only has Iran’s president confirmed that his country is […]

What’s Next?

I’ve done a lot of walking since getting to DC—visiting a lot of places and doing a lot of things: Arlington, Vietnam Veterans War Memorial, World War II Memorial, and Korean War Memorial—to name a few.

All of this time I’ve been wondering to myself the very question posed in the comments by Ed: What […]

Weak Dollar

I’m not an expert when it comes to the currency swings. My friend Jerry has his explanation for the weak US dollar, based in part in technical jargon related to the current subprime housing loan crisis, the ever increasing national debt and the like.

I cannot deny that these are legitimate direct casual links; however […]


After reading Jonathan Swift’s brilliant analysis of the brand new, completely accurate, Conservapedia, I thought I’d poke around a bit.

The unbiased and extremely brief biography of George W. Bush notes:

For many months after John Kerry conceded the outcome of the 2004 election to George W. Bush, some liberals continued to claim that the […]


Today has been a good day—albeit busy.

And yes, I am happy about the elections, but I remain concerned about the Senate. Presuming the last two seats go Democratic (and they should), I am afraid of that asshole named Joe Lieberman. Sure Lieberman has said he will vote with the Democrats, but when was the […]


So last night a group of colleagues and I got together to watch a couple films—the first being the controversial British film, Death of a President.

Death of a President features the assignation of George W. Bush and is a retrospective documentary based on the events of October 17, 2007. I saw a number of […]