February 2024


Off Kilter.

It’s always surprising to me how the little of things can sometimes throw me off.

Take, for example, the Weimar Office.

Now I know that I bitched earlier this year, threatening to find a new Weimar Office because the incumbent was having a bad patch.

Ultimately I discovered that Weimar lacks decent competition—at least competition […]

That Domestic Feeling

I stayed in Weimar today, working at the Weimar Office, going through something that has a deadline of Monday.

It takes me about three solid hours before I hit burnout point–the point where my brain hurts and the thought of spending any more time on the project makes me want to scream. Instead of screaming, […]

Weimar Office Update

Because of a hole in my bathroom wall,* I stayed in Weimar so that the Hausmeister could fix the problem.

Unfortunately it’s only 50% fixed and he needs to seal it with silicon—so undoubtedly I will lose another day of office based work at some point in the near future. I am already missing next […]

Butter at Breakfast

Am I supposed to put the butter between the croissant and the chocolate? Any tips here would be appreciated.

All Buttered Up

I should have known something was up when I saw the herd of cows grazing at the Weimar Office.

This morning I’d popped down to the Weimar Office (nee Café Laden) to work and to partake of its new “Frühstrück im CaféLaden, Version 1” and to take advantage of the new early opening hours—now opening […]

Photo Friday: Addiction

Taking care of the caffeine addiction.

Photo Friday Entry (#142) | elmada.com Home

Tote Hose

I’m the kind of guy who needs a full eight hours of sleep everything. If I don’t get the eight hours, bad things start to happen.

So it was no great surprise that after four hours of sleep Friday night Saturday morning and five hours of sleep Sunday morning, that early this evening, I was […]

For Mateo and Jerry

Inside Café Laden, Weimar-and a “blog review.”

Weimar, Today

Public Personals

First Up: Everybody!

To the American readers: Happy Labor Day! For the Canadian readers, Happy Labour Day! For everybody else: uh…

Next: Jen, “I’m not in the ten percent!”

When you’re all alone, Do you take matters into your own hands, Or are you in the ten percent that lie?

Ok, so I must apologize […]