July 2024


Telling Regular Customers “No” – Why the Lenzig café lost me today.

I had a strange, but not completely atypical, experience at Lenzig, a neighborhood café, today: I ordered food and “Leitungswasser” – tap water.

Lenzig is a nice neighborhood café – the kind of place where most customers are regulars, the food predictable, and the atmosphere pleasant. It’s nothing I would travel out of my way […]

Berlin Coffee Shop Quest: Lancia Lifestyle Lounge

Date & Time: Today, Wednesday, 8 September, 2010, 09:45

Where: Berlin’s Car-Dealer and Coffee-Shop in One

Lancia Lifestyle Lounge Friedrichstrasse, “Quartier 110” (Corner of Friedrichstrasse & Mohrenstrasse, see below)

Actually, it’s more than a car dealership and coffee shop in one, it is a “lifestyle lounge” — which means that, at least inside, […]

Kaffee Quest Continues

Some of you might remember when became annoyed my regular “Weimar Office” and declared the search for a new “Weimar Office” open.

Unfortunately I have yet to find an adequate replacement.

The key criteria for my search is the ability to work indoors since I am unwilling to work on my computer outside in the […]

Coffee Community

It’s 9:15, and I have been at Caribou Coffee on Broadway since it opened at 6:30.

Yes, that’s early—especially for a Saturday morning, but I crashed and burned last night, falling asleep before 11. There was no dancing involved, just pure beautiful jetlag that resulted in me waking up at 4, when I spent some […]

Current View

B-Cup, Free WiFi, 13th Street and Avenue B. East Village, New York City.

Diner Dining

One of the best things about the States are the local restaurants where the waitresses call you “honey” or “sugar” and know what you want to eat before you even open your mouth—plus, if you’re a coffee drinker, keep your cup filled up to the brim (no such thing as a free refill in Europe) […]

Last Day

Today is my last day in the States for a brief spell—so I am kind of in a melancholy mood.

My time here has not really gone as planned. I’d noticed that the Indianapolis Indians were scheduled to play a game Wednesday afternoon, so I planned accordingly. Unfortunately the weather conspired against me. I arrived […]

Cabin Fever, Happy Holidays

Sorry about the long absence: Dial-up is too slow to upload pictures and the weather discouraged me from walking over to Perk Hill—Christmas Eve morning a storm blew in, rattling the trees and making it uncomfortable to walk. Later in the day, just before the house descended into chaos, it snowed again.

Today I made […]

Perk Hill

Today I took a short walk to a nearby coffee shop, Perk Hill.

The name of the coffee shop is a play on the neighborhood name, Park Hill. As coffee shops go, it is small and friendly–no overstuffed couches, no easy chairs–just tables with chairs. In other words, functional. The decaf coffee I had was […]