July 2024


18:00 CET: On the Vario

As I sort of expected, I was at the gym at 18:00 CET today – I’d already lifted all the weights and so I was on to my cardio for the day, the Vario machine.

18:00 CET time came at roughly 45 minutes into my 50 minutes of cardio – I sort of had to […]

On the gym life and doing more cardio.

Last Friday I met my personal trainer who decided that she wanted to change my routine by having me alternate between weights-and-cardio days with pure cardio days.

To make it interesting, my cardio only days feature 35 minutes of stationary bicycling (something new for me) and 35 minutes of the Vario machine that’s like an […]

I’m workin’ it! Progress with working out….

It has been awhile since I last blogged about going to the gym, so I thought it was high time for a quick update: progress is being made.

No, I’m not losing weight, yet – although I will say I think that in the past week there is movement in that direction.

I am, however, […]

It is hereby resolved that…

Ah, it’s the end of the year – time for housekeeping, of sorts.

Maybe a resolution, or two.

I guess there are two resolutions that I’m making for 2011.

First, I will continue to go to the gym, every other day, when practically possible.

Although I’ve been planning on starting the gym […]

Das Fitnessstudio und ich: Ich liebe das Fitnessstudio.

Für ein und ein halb Monaten habe ich das Fitnessstudio gefahren.

Es sind zwei Fitnessstudios in der Nähe von mein Wohnung—und mein ist die zweite nächstgelegene. Das Fitnessstudio ist sehr Schwule-freundlich. Ich denke dass 99% von der Männer sind Schwule und die Augenweide sind Geil.

Erste im der Fitnessstudio stemme ich Gewichte. Meine Trainerin mochtest […]

Update on my gym life.

I’m trying not to let my blog turn into a continuous update of my every other day gym trips, as that would be completely boring. However it’s been five weeks since I joined the gym and I’m striving to make the gym a habit—and so far it’s working.

In order to enforce the habit, I’m […]

Over the gym hump.

I went to the gym yesterday where I lifted weights and did cardio for an hour.

It was actually a great day because I finally was able to complete both sets of shoulder presses. I’d tell you how much weight I was lifting, but the number is so low as to be embarrassing—although if the […]

Torturing Myself: My Body Hates Me.

After a six and a half year absence, I have restarted going to the gym.

I’m not really that far into my re-immersion into the concept of working out—just over a week now—but it’s going well, so far. Even if my body isn’t really agreeing.

The weight lifting part of the experience—well, my body is […]