May 2024


What a Weekend!

1 cent, Salt, Bread: A German Welcome to Your New Home

I should probably be getting back to finishing my current work project—a deadline is looming tomorrow—but instead I need a few minutes to decompress. My first load of laundry is in the dryer (I need what’s in it tonight), the second (of three) […]


It was really awesome last night to hang out with Cathy again—she’d been gone for so long and then our schedules precluded seeing each other until last night.

Beyond that I have more to say about my time in Berlin, but I feel like blabbing about other stuff that’s been happening out there, both in […]


Usually I disapprove of tagging: spray paint is hard to remove and usually it is unsightly—I say this even as I constantly scan Weimar looking for new graffiti by my favorite artist.

Today, however, I’ve been tagged by Cathy to present 7 “random facts about myself.” So here it goes:

I had a dragon tooth […]

Mini Meet-Up

My lunch with Cathy and B. went really well—it was great seeing the two of them in the happy environs of Leipzig.

I did have my gay moment with the two: I made them go to Saturn to purchase the Eurovision 2007 double-CD with me. The music is now on my nano – soon to […]

Odd Dream

So last night I drempt that I was onboard an Aeroflot flight—it was a round trip flight and I remember that I left from Moscow—the runway was quite short and the take off was abrupt. I don’t remember anything else about the outward bound flight, nor much about the return flight, except that on the […]

Warning: TMI?

After a late night yesterday, I slept in this morning.

Now, perhaps in the tmi category, I often sleep in the buff, and have been known, on occasion, to forget to bring clothing with me to the bathroom in the morning, dressing after my shower.

Fortunately today I remembered that the maid was coming and […]

Sale Saturday

Yesterday in statuephilia I used a photo showing that a huge sale was going on at the store—for yes, it is sale season in Germany!

And there are some darned good sales going on—too bad I’m broke. At least when I am out shopping I don’t really feel too bad about not being able to […]

Random Deutsch Things

I forgot to explicitly say it, but last weekend, the men in Apolda were really cute—that is to say they had my number: lots of funky hair that attracts me. Why these men do not seem to show up in Weimar is beyond me.

Christmas shopping sucks: Disenchanted has complained about it before, so it […]

Ooops, I did it, …

For Real: I’ve never really discussed it on my blog, but this past week it finally happened for real: I messed up my mobile phone number when telling it to somebody. The sad pathetic story is that my mobile phone number in Germany is surprisingly similar to a phone number I call regularly in the […]

Talking to Strangers…

Today was one of those odd days in which I talked to a stranger on the train—principally because she was intently studying an English language instructor’s manual—on her way, as it turns out, to teach English. A Filipino living in Jena, it turns out that we have a common love of David Sedaris and The […]