July 2024


Cat & Mouse on the streets of Berlin

The cat has found its prey…

Silent Night

I have no net access at home and I’ve been feeling lazy—something about moving does that.

Suffice it to say, my furniture is in the new place and, as of this writing, I am about 80% unpacked. I have all my clothing to put away, and a lot of dishes to wash. I expect to […]

My Genes Suck

It’s exciting—by this time tomorrow, my furniture will be in my new apartment.

Unfortunately T-Com doesn’t come until Thursday, so I will probably be back here at my friends’ place, not just to take care of the cats, but to check my email. My friends are off on one of their well deserved vacations, and […]


Today was a happy day for multiple reasons:

Birthday: It was my birthday! I should have baked cake for my office, but because my kitchen is in tear-down mode, I had to make do with store bought cake. Not as good; but I promised my colleagues that I would provide homemade sweets at my Apartment […]

Angels with Filthy Souls

Now admittedly I haven’t had as much time to sit in front of the television and watch stuff as I had originally planned, but two things intervened.

First, I popped over to the UK for a friend’s going away party and secondly, I’ve been cat sitting.

Admittedly, I have been watching “Dead Like Me” whilst […]

Cat Sitting

So… Long Story Short: Friends of mine in Weimar are on a well earned vacation—and since I saved 400€ by going home for Thanksgiving instead of Christmas, I’m engaging in a staycation of sort.

Except for the cats—I volunteered to cat-sit a few days, and the little ones have been keeping me on my toes. […]

Summer February Day

Today was incredibly nice, especially for February.

Wish you were here!


While Sleeping…

Via Raging Rainbows



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I am a dirty old man.

Of sorts.

Last night I slept with the newest and youngest gentleman member of the Morris Family, a guy named Pyewacket.

Sleeping directly next to me for much of the night, the cute kitten purred up a storm, save for the time […]