April 2024


Kivgiq – The Messenger Feast (Barrow, Alaska, part 2)

These dancers performed sitting down, as if in a boat. It was exceptionally beautiful.

It’s a little difficult to explain my rational for visiting Alaska in winter – and why in February.

Another amazing performance. I bet my captions get dull, quickly.

I’d go into the rational but it involves rental car pricing […]

News Flash: Germany won the World Cup! And I don’t care.

So… I might be the last to inform you, but Germany won the World Cup just over a week ago.

To nobody’s surprise, I was part of distinct minority in Germany: the 14% that did not watch the final match. But hey: the game started at 9pm and I wanted to go to work at […]

Happy Fourth, Happy Tenth, and Happy Fourth: A week, in review.

I’ve had a busy week – work has, unexpectedly, flared up. Two weeks ago, I was relaxed at the office, right now I doubt that I can meet all the deadlines facing me, without doing some serious work at home this coming weekend.

Such are the vulgarities of my job – which I love.

What […]

So… I had a birthday. And two birthday parties!

It’s hard to believe, but over a week ago I had my birthday – and I had two birthday parties.

The only picture I took related to my birthday parties: cake and pie — two amazing desserts. On the left is a cherry pie (as I recall), and on the right a fantastic chocolate […]

Mooned in Mobile; Happy 2013!

Same procedure as last year?

New Year’s Eve Tradition in Mobile, Alabama…

And, in keeping with the procedure from last year, Germany…

If you want to watch this on television, instead of on YouTube, and you’re in Germany, good news: you cannot miss it:


What to wear?

What I'm wearing today.

Happy Fourth

It is a happy accident that I landed in Bloomington, Indiana, the day before the Fourth of July.

I woke early this morning—5am—made some phone calls, ate breakfast at the Bloomington Waffle House (They have had the same morning wait staff for at least the last 10 years), and then wandered around downtown.

Downtown was […]

The 25th of April

Right now I am sitting in my hotel lobby, using the free wifi to download some podcasts and read email. There’s another guy here using the wifi as well, plus two women, one of whom is wearing something that closely resembles the floral pattern of the quilt and drapes in the hotel rooms. In fact, […]

Photo Friday: Sentimental

I find this incredibly sentimental, although I might be the only one.

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