June 2024


Whatchamacallit 109: Mützchen

This is actually the second Mützchen that I’ve owned – I gave the first one away, a move I regretted.

This was attached to the top of a bottle of fruit juice – a promotion of sorts to encourage me to buy that brand of juice (I forget which) and to learn about the […]

I often ignore people in wheelchairs.

He hid his disability.

Today, for the second time in two days, I have completely ignored somebody in a wheelchair who was begging for money.

Actually I didn’t ignore either of them: today I shook my head as I walked around his cleverly placed to block walking wheelchair. Yesterday I shook my head no […]

Kiva Paid Off!

Kiva Loan: My first Kiva loan was paid off! Investing in a liquor store meant that the $25 I invested has been fully paid off. I’ve invested it in someone riskier this time: Anderson Cristaldo, a 21 year old salesman in Paraguay. He’s cute, he’s young, and I was the first person to loan him […]

Microfinanced Today

The last time my friend Samee and I had significant face time, she introduced me to Kiva, a microfinance website in which she was a lender, lending $25 at a time to small businesses and entrepreneurs in developing parts of the world.

It’s microfinance and at the time I thought it was a really cool […]

Hurricane Housing

I got home from work today and in my inbox was a request from MoveOn.Org to help identify housing that isn’t shared in its listings. I also found a few amusing listings that I thought I’d share…

RUSTIC cabin for 2+ persons. I began renovations two years ago and they were not finished.(PHD student lived […]

Islamic Relief

It was bound to happen after my January donation.

I’m now on the mailing list for Islamic Relief USA, which is great. They’ve only sent me one newsletter so far, and it’s a pretty nice 12 page item, which highlights the work they are doing to help the tsunami victims.

Interestingly, they seem to be […]

Tasteless, Accidently

After getting my suitcase at 11pm on New Year’s Day I immediately felt the tension drain from my body. I was more stressed about the situation than I had realized.

I immediately grabbed a shower and grabbed clean clothes out of my suitcase-principally a t-shirt that I put on without thinking.

You see, before December […]

Goodwill Wins

So today my friend Danny helped me box up stuff and take a mountain of stuff I no longer need over to the Goodwill.

It’s funny, each time I’ve moved I have gone through my stuff and eliminated some of it. However each prior move has usually been across town, so the weeding hasn’t ever […]

Masturbation Month

Just a reminder that May is Masturbation Month, and that today, Sunday, May 16, is the Masturbate-a-thon. Although I am not personally supporting the “thon” cause (it’s for a Boston Charity), I do support the idea… so get busy.