May 2024


Overly Focused on Safety: Riding the Rails at Cheltenham Spa

After managing to retrieve my pre-booked train ticket from the automat at the Cheltenham Spa Train Station, I headed toward platform one, which services trains headed southbound to places like Bristol.

At the top of the stairs, I noticed the above sign, which ended up providing me enough food for thought that […]

Some Random Thoughts About Cheltenham

The last time I was in Cheltenham was, I believe, December 2008 – and it was a dismal time. Businesses were going out of business and High Street was depressing. From my perspective, at the time, Britain seemed less outrageously expensive than normal and I ended up buying a lot of stuff.

This time British […]

My Winter Weekend in Cheltenham (For Five on the Fifth)

Reindeer were on display at "The Brewery" in Cheltenham, and I found the antlers fascinating.

I almost bought some of this quite pleasant, Christmassy smelling stuff, but I thought it woudl get damaged on the way back to Berlin, and it was sticky.

"The Minotaur and the Hare" sculpture has fascinated me […]

Figuring out Cheltenham Spa’s Public Transit requires too much patience.

Next week I am going on a brief vacation.

I’ll be flying to London, where I plan on spending a few hours perusing the Tate Modern before heading over to my favorite English city, Cheltenham Spa. Once there, I’ll be visiting friends and otherwise enjoying what the city has to offer.

Unfortunately, like all good […]

Shoes With Tea

I picked the pair of shoes below whilst in England—a brand I’d never heard of, El Natura Lista.

The shoes were cute, although I had to go up a half US size in order to get the width I needed. One of my foots is wider than the other, and the other is slightly longer […]


I tried to delay my appearance at my friend’s going-away happy hour until I was sure that other people would be there—the announced start time was 7pm, and I held back until about 7:20.

Naturally, other than the guest of honor honour, I was the first person there. She spotted me as I was ordering […]

Where I am.

So my surprise December trip is to Cheltenham, England.

I’m visiting Cheltenham because a friend is quitting her job in order to raise kids and work with her husband’s firm. My appearance at her going away party this evening is a surprise—and the reason my suitcase was stuffed coming here was because I’ve brought her […]

Photo Update

When I work at the Weimar Office, I usually last about three to four hours before I need to get up and go. Today I lasted only 2.5 hours because I was examining page proofs. The page proofs are in really good shape and I am pleased with the quality, but it’s a very intense […]

Naked Façade

A funny thing happened on the way to this blog entry yesterday: I reviewed Burger Burger.

I know why I planned on mentioning Burger Burger—it was the starting point for something else. That something else is the nature of other people. I’d declined sitting at one of the two table that were exposed in the […]

Spicy Sanchez

Back in Cheltenham, Sunday evening I had no plans, so I went to an area filled with some casual upscale restaurants called The Brewery.

The Brewery is essentially an attempt to have an upscale dining, fitness, and movie complex, with a couple of stores thrown in for good measure. Judging by the store fronts still […]