July 2024


Eclipse: One heavenly body in front of another…

Last Monday, like many other people, I found myself in the path of totality – in my case, Glendo, Wyoming.

Glendo, population 200, is the first real city (ha!) one encounters driving north along I-25 from Cheyenne that was in totality. Thus, this is where we, and 20,000 of our closest friends got off […]

Wyoming Memories: Cowboys Crying

The stereotypical Cowboy in Wyoming is, by inherent definition, the definition of hyper-masculinity.

Accordingly, these men never, ever cry.

Not once, ever, never.

Well… maybe every once in awhile—but rarely.

These are the guys who grew up on a ranch and would come to the university only to be stunned by the overwhelming selection of […]

Skewed Perspectives: Thüringen & Wyoming

One of the interesting things to me is how perceptions about time, distance, and population have varied so widely in my life.

When I lived in Wyoming, it was reasonable at 11:30 to say to friends, “Hey, let’s have lunch in Cheyenne,” and be on the road 15 minutes, driving 45 minutes for lunch, a […]

Wyoming Memories: Jessica Dubroff

Now that I am actively planning my Wyoming vacation, I’m having a ton of old Wyoming memories replay.

Many of these will seep out over the next few months—I hope you will indulge me.

One of the odder memories revolves around Jessica Dubroff, who was the so-called youngest pilot in America—flying from coast to coast […]

not again…

Ok… i know… just another reminder that I like to travel. I leave Denver tomorrow (Thursday) morning and will be flying to Prague via Detroit and Amsterdam.


Also… while in Cheyenne last week, my sister and I visited Wyoming Home, a pretty cool store. Unfortunately, it burned yesterday.

The States

So, I was out of the States for a record four and a half months-and now that I’ve been in the states for just over a week, I have a few rambling things to note:

First, driving is easy and it’s fun! I haven’t forgotten anything, especially driving in Wyoming during white-out conditions. The aforementioned […]