May 2024


Where I bean!

Selfie at Cloud Gate

It’s been a kind of weird trip to Chicago – taking care of more personal issues than I had planned on. On the plus side, my shit is out of my friend’s basement—I do believe that I don’t have any remnants of life in stateside storage.

I guess I’m officially […]

In Chicago…

Chicago Bicycle

A few months ago my awesome friends said to me, “Adam—now that we’re living in Chicago, we need storage space! Could you please do something about all the stuff that we’re storing for you?”

I said I would do something promptly.

“You have seven boxes of stuff!”

I was a bit […]

18:00 CET is 11 o’clock and Chicago is my new Detroit

After a self-mandated isolation period where I did nothing but relax (as I’ve hinted at, there’s been a lot of stress on this trip, but the stress magically melted away Wednesday morning and I started feeling a whole lot better).

Now I am in New York City.

Because of my divorce from Delta, I have […]

The Upper Midwest (Almost to 48!)

Ah, it occurs to me that I will soon visit my 48th state, and before I do, I want to knock off my key memories of the rest of the country.

So, starting with Wisconsin, my main memory is visiting the site of Little House in the Big Woods, another Laura Ingalls Wilder stop – […]

Fortune Favored

As observed yesterday, I had a really good trip to the States.

That said, I am relieved to be back home before the Swine Flu Paranoia hits level six—or is that level 7? The rate at which concern about the disease has exploded is somewhat shocking to me—Of course, I’m writing this at 40,000 feet […]

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

In just a few hours I’ll be leaving the Windy City—headed back home and to meet the Cynical Queer.

My time in Chicago has been good and productive—even as damaged by an unusually severe case of jetlag. I didn’t accomplish everything on my agenda—but it was given that this was impossible. Instead I’ve made a […]

Vegetarian Heaven

Ok, I want to get this out of the way up front: I am not a vegetarian.

There, I’ve said it, and in the next breath, for the second night in a row I found myself, and a book, at The Chicago Diner.

It’s been meat free since 1983, vegan friendly, and rather close to […]

Scenes from Chicago

American Gothic 3D

Just as it starts spitting…

Everybody loves RATS!

I've never seen anything like it in Germany, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, … you get the idea.

Saturday was perfect.


Adam Gothic

I really have no explanation but something’s gone wrong with me this trip and I have not made a speedy change to Chicago Time.

Instead I am stuck on some time zone somewhere between home and here—I would guess Newfoundland, given that I have woken up Friday, Saturday, and Sunday before 5—as in 5 am.


Coffee Community

It’s 9:15, and I have been at Caribou Coffee on Broadway since it opened at 6:30.

Yes, that’s early—especially for a Saturday morning, but I crashed and burned last night, falling asleep before 11. There was no dancing involved, just pure beautiful jetlag that resulted in me waking up at 4, when I spent some […]