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Whatchamacallit 151: molinillo

Back in December 2018, I spent a week in Bogota, arriving on December 24th, departing on December 31st.

It was an extraordinarily nice, low key, vacation – including a graffiti tour on Christmas Day, a food tour, a post-conflict tour, and a trip out to view the countryside.

Really, it was generally fantastic.

The […]

Seeing the Chocolate for Chocolate, but not its form!

A couple weeks ago, just before Easter, I took a long lunch and wandered by Berlin’s branch of Galeries Lafayette, the French department store. It’s actually quite convenient to my office and since I had forgotten to prepare a dish for a party I was attending, it’s basement boutique grocery store gave me the opportunity […]

There are three ways, dammit!

Yesterday I had a meeting with somebody and I brought with me a bar of chocolate for him.

He didn’t want it, explaining that he didn’t want to gain weight, then reluctantly accepted it, and then demanded I share it.

I didn’t want to share because after the meeting I was going to the gym, […]

Photos from Bloomington, Fargo, Moorhead, and Colorado

The mixer for making dough at Greek's Pizza

This is the replica Stave Church in Moorhead, Minnesota.

The stunningly beautiful and restored Hotel Donaldson, Fargo, North Dakota

At Jax, in Fort Collins, Colorado, Ritter Sport costs $3.19! I prefer paying 79 cents at the Ritter Sport store in Berlin.

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Merry Christmas

Remember this?

Well, today is the 24th, and 23 doors have been opened.

But wait, there’s one more:

Another Kinder Überraschung egg, with a surprise inside, awaits.

Once assembled, the toy took […]

I will wait to open the first door!

Not for sale here…

I realize that products can vary from country to country, but it was still a huge surprise to me when I discovered that Crispy M&Ms are not in the States.

Me, I get them one out of every four trips to the movies in Europe and for some odd reason, I had a Crispy M&M […]

On the Pond’s West Side

I am in Detroit, and I am happy to report I have been fully inspected.

This morning, at the first security checkpoint in Frankfurt, I learned that my Timberland Boots contain just enough metal to set off the metal detector. Having learned my lesson, I took off my boots at the second checkpoint, only to […]

Need to Empty the Wrappers

Rough Week for… Clothing

It’s been a memorable week for my clothing. It started Thursday when I showed up at the office wearing a black undershirt with a crimson-red shirt and a pair of blue jeans. No big deal, except that a few hours later one of my colleagues showed up wearing an identical set of clothing.

That wasn’t […]