September 2023


My Religion is sane. That other one is…

Before I get started, let me be painfully clear about a couple of things:

I am an atheist, and like many atheists I’m pretty well informed when it comes to things religious, even more so than the religious. I believe that religion has done far more harm to society than to help it, however I […]

The American financial crisis as seen from 30,000 feet

I noticed as my plane was descending into Salt Lake City clear evidence of the financial crisis and its impact on housing – it’s actually quite easy to see from above. Unfortunately I didn’t grab my camera quickly enough and the Utah aspects went unphotographed.

Descending into Denver I was better prepared and I got […]

Closing Cincy Thoughts

Elizabeth and I went to Skyline Chili and had Cincinnati style chili for dinner Friday night. We both had 5-way Chili—which in Cincinnati is a base layer of spaghetti with beans, onions, and meat. There was also a deep layer of cheese on top of it—making it impossible to see anything else on the plate. […]

Underground Railroad

One of Elizabeth and my three stops in Cincinnati was the National Underground Railroad Museum, sandwiched between the football and baseball stadiums.

The museum was kind of hokey—we managed to arrive at the same time that 400 members of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. The line was out the door. Fortunately the line moved quickly and […]


Today I am taking a one night holiday trip to Cincinnati—to partake of three of its most famous attractions.

The hotel should have free wifi, so expect photos and more.