June 2024


Whatchamacallit 149: Dirty Fukker hat

Back in 2008 I bought underwear from Dirty Fukker – and I must have received this hat as a premium for my purchased – as I do not see an order for it in my emails. Or maybe it’s there and I just searched the wrong term? Who knows?

But yes, back in 2008, […]

I love wool: A plunge into my closet in cold (and warm) weather.

Yesterday I decided to go out for an adventure in Berlin.

With temperatures the coldest all year – around -12° – and plans for a long walk around Berlin, I bundled up. Out came the long underwear (wool, even!), winter jacket, hat, gloves, and warm shoes. I went all out – my scarf trailing behind […]

A Satisfactory Saturday

After spending the Tag der Deutschen Einheit, a day off, getting stuff done—I’m happy to report that I’ve also spent my Saturday getting stuff done.

In addition to a bit of freelancing, Wednesday included mundane chores like changing the filter on my bathroom fan. Honestly, this is not a complicated chore, but it does require […]

18:00 CET: Changing laundry loads

In retrospect, today’s photo was bound to happen, sometime – I just hadn’t quite expected it to be today.

The towels are about to come out and the dirty clothes to go in.

Basically I do clothing laundry roughly twice a week, usually right after every other trip to the gym, when […]

One year, 5 days ago…

Was my first meeting with my personal trainer at the gym.

Tonight I tried on a pair of blue jeans I haven’t been able to wear in years.

The jeans fit.

In your closet, what way…

I just put away my dry laundry, and when I hang my shirts in my wardrobe, I face my shirts to the right.

Which way do you face your shirts?

A Mismash of Many Things!

I’ve had a pretty busy week – Actually it’s been a fantastic week.

I can only think of two “negative” things: First, I banged my leg into a table Tuesday evening –pretty hard—it took me 2 minutes of cursing before I could move again—and it hurt enough to noticeably bother me through Friday. It’s still […]

T-Shirt I wore yesterday…

If it’s understood by locals, it’s because they know English really well. I wouldn’t wear it out in the States.

My Random List of Thoughts

This has been a busy 7 days and I’m beat.

I’ve managed to get three projects completed in the last few days, including one major project that is, for the moment, off my table, although I have no doubts that it will come back to me at some future date, but hopefully not in a […]


Living in Thüringen, one is not exposed to either Lederhosen or Dirndl, the image of clothing that the world has of Germany.


It’s hard to tell from afar, but there are distinct cultural differences within Germany. Thüringen is famous for its bratwurst and potato dumplings; Bavaria is home to Oktoberfest and fancy dress […]