July 2024


What an icky few weeks.

Germany seems to have come down with a cold.


Germany seems to have come down with a number of colds, and I am getting each one in turn. So far, I’ve had three distinct colds – a heavy duty cold in late January that marked its entrance with a headache and minor fever. Two […]

Surprise Cold

This has been a pretty rough week for me—and it’s not work related.

Instead I have cold that seemed to be mild, but I suspect it knocked me off my otherwise still moving feet.

Usually when I get a cold I have a warning in that I have a mild sore throat. Whenever that happens […]

Look Out Below!

The fact is that it’s been both a cold and a snowy winter here in Weimar and after a lot of snow fell earlier this season—really last year—it’s stuck around.

There was a period of time when I wouldn’t leave my house without wearing my aforementioned thick socks and my heavy boots because not only […]

Amusing Complaint

So the wall in the living room has been repaired.

Rather than ripping out the wall and building a new one, the workman spackled over the crack and painted it.

Somewhere in the middle of this I stepped into the living room. He informed me that it wasn’t drying quickly because the room was cold.


A Cold Day In…

The Living Room.

The plumber showed up and removed the radiators from the wall—he was merely an hour late.

Unfortunately it seems that the wall demolition and rebuilding will happen tomorrow; I just wish I knew what time it was going to happen.

For the record, it’s 0°C outside right now.

Foggy Weather

Now I realize that I could pontificate about that major event happening tomorrow, but I figure that all of my eligible readers have either already played their part, or will play their part—and they know who to vote for.

Instead I am going to talk about the weather.

It’s been foggy these last few days, […]

Weather / Wetter

For about the past week, Weimar has been unseasonably cold.

Right now it’s 13° out, with “gefühlt” of 11°C, or 51.8°F. Admittedly it’s 8pm and one expects it to cool off in the evening, but today’s high was forecast to be 18/64, with scattered showers (and there have been). Unfortunately today’s pretty much the nicest […]

Spending Złotych

Miejski dom Kultury

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So my biggest problem in Poland was spending money.

As noted in Breaking the Law, I crossed from Poland into Germany the first time looking for dinner—this was symbolic of my biggest problem in Poland: Spending Money.

After my hotel bill was paid, I had 280 […]

Really Really COLD


Originally uploaded by JaBB.

Today’s high temperature in Jena was supposed to be -4°C.

However, when I went to the office this morning, it was a whole lot colder.

Am tired–I have photos and other things to upload, but am heading to bed shortly.

Catch you tomorrow!



It’s incredibly cold here in Bloomington-and I spent much of the day going from building to building on the IU campus. Unfortunately I’d misplaced my hat and was too lazy to see if I’d left it in the car (I had). I finally broke down and bought a hat at the bookstore, which was a […]