June 2024


Changing Routes

For the last nine years, my normal commute has comprised a 500 meter walk, followed by a 20ish minute bus ride, and 280 meter walk.

It is also super convenient because it gives me a single seat ride with reasonable walks at the beginning and end of my trips. I’m able to read books, listen […]

News Flash: Germany won the World Cup! And I don’t care.

So… I might be the last to inform you, but Germany won the World Cup just over a week ago.

To nobody’s surprise, I was part of distinct minority in Germany: the 14% that did not watch the final match. But hey: the game started at 9pm and I wanted to go to work at […]

Today I practiced my future commute!

So it’s Monday and today I went to work at my new job for the first time—well, not really.

I actually went in to the future office so that I could sign my contract and hand over some documents that are needed for employment, plus to collect the documents I need to get registered with […]

Annoying Public Transport Habits

As a frequent rider of public transportation, I have two complaints—call them observations—about people and mass transit.

First, why is it that people waiting to get on buses and trains feel compelled to stand directly in front of the door? Do they really think that standing there will let them get on first or will […]

Wheel Relaxation

One thing that I oft overlook in my day-to-day life is the happy rhythm of the wheel going round and round.

It is, indeed, a great pleasure to take the short 10 minute walk from my office over to the Jena West train station, wait a few minutes for a train (depending upon my timing […]

Die Bahn

Today, in the name of efficiency, I took a train ride all the way west to Eisenach. I had a quick stay in the city; about five minutes as I changed trains and returned right back to Weimar.

It amazes me each time that the train system in Germany works the vast majority of the […]

Blow Job

With winds up to 200 kilometers an hour (120 mph), Kyrill delivered a massive blow job to Germany—pushing all the air pollution to Russia whilst leaving a number of trees lying in its wake and Deutsche Bahn with idle trains.

Including, I might add the trains from Jena to Weimar.

That did stop me from […]

Random Deutsch Things

I forgot to explicitly say it, but last weekend, the men in Apolda were really cute—that is to say they had my number: lots of funky hair that attracts me. Why these men do not seem to show up in Weimar is beyond me.

Christmas shopping sucks: Disenchanted has complained about it before, so it […]

Die Bahn

So this was the big annual weekend: the day that all the train schedules in Germany – at least I presume all of Germany changes this weekend—if it didn’t, then this was the big weekend of massive changes to the train schedules in Thüringen.

Some how I doubt the changes were limited to Thüringen.

Let’s […]

Talking to Strangers…

Today was one of those odd days in which I talked to a stranger on the train—principally because she was intently studying an English language instructor’s manual—on her way, as it turns out, to teach English. A Filipino living in Jena, it turns out that we have a common love of David Sedaris and The […]