July 2024


3x Schwarz

Black 1:

Remember the guy from Dressing for Success?

After blogging about watching him take a long time to dress with his hoodies and coat before getting off the train, I didn’t see him again. It was a bit disappointing, like I had jinxed myself. That changed this morning, I saw him again. He wasn’t […]

On the Pond’s West Side

I am in Detroit, and I am happy to report I have been fully inspected.

This morning, at the first security checkpoint in Frankfurt, I learned that my Timberland Boots contain just enough metal to set off the metal detector. Having learned my lesson, I took off my boots at the second checkpoint, only to […]

Where’s the Adapter

I have packed more carefully for this trip than the last trip: I’ve remember my passport and it is already in my pocket.

In half an hour I’ll be getting on the train to Frankfurt.

Meanwhile, this entry is rushed because I’d misplaced the electric adapter for my computer: I remembered seeing it yesterday, but […]

New Computer

The last time I got a “new” computer (e.g. my old computer was rebuilt), I had to do everything from scratch.

This time, I can barely tell that I actually have a new computer, save for the fact that it is a whole lot faster than the old one.

I’m back on the horse, everything […]

in Weimar

I’m back in Weimar, but, unfortunately, my laptop suddenly started to misbehave.


More in the morning.


So the laptop malfunction has set me back, but fortunately I had backed up the critical files for my current project, and I am able to work on another computer.

Today found me back at the Weimar Office, where one of the baristas gave me a lovely CD, and I worked for five hours before […]

My Day

Today wasn’t the greatest day: The laptop’s motherboard died.

Fortunately I had backed up the data last night, so I have what I need. Hopefully the computer will be fixed by Thursday afternoon. As it is, the computer breaking has set me a day behind and may cost me the time I had allotted Friday […]


The problem with rebuilt computers is that getting them functional again takes such a long time.

For example, getting Microsoft Outlook to recognize two different email accounts took half an hour and tweaking multiple adjustments—and now that I stop to think about it, I still need to add a third (rarely used) email account to […]

almost back…

Computer’s repaired.

Now I am busy restoring settings and programs to where I want them to be. The biggest challenge, of course, is configuring the email program. I don’t really have the strength for that today though.

Will blog more tomorrow.


FYI: My computer is in the (in house) shop getting rebuilt from scratch. I should have it back tomorrow, but I won’t believe it until I see it. Wednesday seems more likely.

Consequence: No real blog update today.

On my current hate list: Black Eyed Peas for “What you gon’ do with all that junk? […]