May 2024


What a rockin’ Thursday – Stopping by the Potsdammer Platz Papal Protest

Today was an amazingly busy day for me – and not busy with work.

I started by going to the gym at 7:45 (doing 50 minutes of cardio after lifting weights), then getting my hair cut and doing a quick load of laundry. Then, at 1, I met Tweeter @MartinWisser – had lunch and talked […]

French Safe Sex Video

Not Safe For Work.


Branding too far!

Billy Boy… tea? But it's a condom company!

Spotted at a nearby gas station convience store.

At A Gay Bar

Message Seen After Bottom's Up

HIV Testing

Friday was National HIV Testing Day. I got a jump start on the occasion actually…I took the test the week before last and got the results back on Wednesday.

The testing process is unpleasant enough that I can understand why many people don’t take it. I don’t mean that the process is physically unpleasant…the test […]

Oral Killing

I hadn’t realized the source of all the problems in the United States until yesterday, and Samee wanted me to write about it.

It was back on June 7, 1965, when the US Supreme Court ruled that it was okay to break the law and sell unmarried women birth control pills in Connecticut—and thusly an […]

Pride 2006

Today was, in many ways, a replay of a lovely Saturday afternoon I had two years ago shortly after arriving in Germany.

I caught the train to Erfurt because “Christopher Street Days” were in progress. Last time I got off the train and met up with Katya, and discovered that I couldn’t understand her handwriting […]

No putrid excuses!

Just recently I posted one of the “Mach’s Mit” advertisements that encourage youngsters to engage in safe sex. Little did it occur to me that I would have reason to revisit the subject so quickly.

I was driven bananas.

It started last Saturday when I stopped by the Tegut grocery store in Jena’s Goethe Gallery. […]

mach’s mit

Auch für junges Gemüse

Young Veggies take note! You too should wear condoms…

So the German Anti-AIDS campaign is in full swing–and veggies are wearing condoms all over Germany as a part of the “Mach’s Mit” campaign. According to my sources, “Mach’s Mit” roughly translates as “join” or “take part.” Careful search of […]

Be Safe