January 2023


Eatin’ out the fridge…

I’m on the verge of leaving Berlin for a few weeks: off to America for a trip that is partially “vacation” (although given the state of my Father’s heath, I’m not sure that part of the trip is vacation) and partially work.

There’s actually a good balance of things: Denver for family, Fargo for friends, […]

Tonight’s Supper: Sweet Potato Soup

Final product shared with Snooker in Berlin whilst enjoying Love Actually.

Baking Sugar Cookies!

After one of my colleagues did me a favor, I offered to bring her a bottle of wine, or something.

She rejected my offer and said, “I want Christmas cookies!”

So I thought, “sure, why not?”

I was going to make cutout cookies, but given how much work I’ve had to accomplish this weekend, I […]

Random Things: I promise not to do this too often.

I have a zillion things running through my mind and I need to get them off my chest, so here goes nothing:

Penny Markt, home of Happy End toilet paper, is selling a Coca-Cola duvet and pillow cover set for 20€ this week. I want a set and I made a plan to go buy […]

My Apartment: die Küche

As an American, one of the harder things to wrap my head around is the fact that most apartments in Germany (or shall I say, my part of Germany) do not come with kitchens – so when I was apartment hunting a year ago, I quickly learned that “EBK” next to an apartment meant […]

Like a chicken with its head cut off…

Today is the first day that I haven’t worked on some aspect of work in a long time.

Last weekend I spent well over 12 hours working on one project, during the week I’ve been drowning in another project. Yesterday I spent three hours on the tail end of a different project.

All of this […]

Sugar Shock: Coca-Cola Cake

All Germans who ate my Coca-Cola Cake agreed: it’s very very sweet. And very American.

Coca-Cola Cake

Preheat oven to 350F/175C (while heating toast 1 cup (0.24l) chopped pecans in oven for Coca-Cola Icing, see below)

Combine: 1 cup (225g) butter, 2 cups (220g) flour, 3/4ths cup (170g) sugar, 3 TBS Cocoa, 1 TSP Buttermilk, […]

Meeting Bloomington’s Celebrity Chef: Jen

My first day in Bloomington I took a trip to see one of Bloomington’s Celebrity Chefs: Jen.

I’m lucky enough to call Jen a friend and I’ve known her a long time – and I am a regular reader of her blog, That Pain in the Ass Vegan.

Jen is, in a word, amazing, […]

Lemming Like

Everything pictured is not in the recipe.

Rarely do I like to do all the things that the cool kids are doing—instead I strike out on my own. I’ve even extended that to include my blog—its been eons since I last participated in a e-group thing like National Blog Everyday Even If You Have […]

Stupid Me.

Yesterday my American-German PseudoWife came and spent the night at my apartment.

This was the second time she’d spent the night at my apartment—she was my first houseguest last week, even before the Regensbloggers, who stayed with me over the weekend.

Amusingly the pattern of care sort of inverted itself from last week to this […]