June 2024


Out of 2000: the Cynical Queer Speaks…

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted one of these, but here comes the thoughts of the Cynical Queer on his favorite posts from my blog.

He's on the right!

For me, the travels you and I took together seem to be memorable. You always have a great way of detailing things in […]

Expect Deep Thoughts

Life is, right now, quite hectic.

The whirlwind of activity surrounding CQ’s visit to Weimar ends tomorrow morning when he boards a train for the airport and his trip back across the pond home.

It will be a sad moment—having guests is a catalyst for doing things in your hometown that you might otherwise have […]


CQ and I have been doing a lot while he’s here—so much so that I’m exhausted. We’ve been to the soapbox derby, to see Cathy in Erfurt, and to Oberschloß in Kranichfeld.

Rather than tell you about everything we’ve seen and done, I’ll let CQ’s fresh eyes tell you about what we’ve seen rather than […]

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

In just a few hours I’ll be leaving the Windy City—headed back home and to meet the Cynical Queer.

My time in Chicago has been good and productive—even as damaged by an unusually severe case of jetlag. I didn’t accomplish everything on my agenda—but it was given that this was impossible. Instead I’ve made a […]

Leer Wohnung

It was perfect German Efficiency.

At 07:51 I was chatting with CQ and I said, “I need to go—the movers will be here in 9 minutes. Probably 3.”

Not 30 seconds later the doorbell rang—the movers had arrived. 100 minutes later, they were gone—the furniture packed into an enormous truck and sent off for storage. […]

Nacktkultur Natürlich

I’m not one for this kind of fun, but thanks to CQ, I now know that for 500 €uros—a mere drop in the bucket, I can fly from the nearby Flughafen Erfurt to the Baltic Sea for a day trip on 5 July.

Passengers on the flight will be nude—dressed until boarding, and then shuck […]

…cream with that?

I have lots of problems learning foreign languages.

The problems center around two issues: First, I have a terrible memory when it comes to words and the like. It takes me 50 to 100 repetitions of new words before they start to penetrate my consciousness, and then another 1,000 repetitions before I actually know the […]


Well, ok, this really isn’t about “troubles” per say, but rather than have two entries with the word “random” in the title within a week long period, I thought I would entitle this one troubles because some of what I write could be troubling.

Seriously, I got in trouble (of sorts) today.

My comment on […]

Swaziland Lodging Choices

Here is choice number one:

Tall indigenous trees, all grown from seed, now tower over the camp overlooking an artificially created wetland system, which is home to hippopotamus, crocodile and a variety of water birds including infrequent visiting fish eagles. The camp is unfenced, yet relatively safe as only smaller species of wildlife occur in […]

To Swaziland… or not?

Travel planning with the Cynical Queer is underway, and I’m pleased to say that several years of diligent clicking through emails has led to a US$230 hotel room coming to me for free whilst in the Johannesburg area.


We’re still deciding whether or not we’re going to visit Swaziland, that tiny African nation sandwiched […]