July 2024


Strange Times

This morning I was reflecting in the shower about the election—and I came up with a list of the four strangest people of this year and ranked them from awful to horrific.

Then I realized that all four people were women.

So it is with heavy heart that I ask my female readers to forgive […]


I suppose it is hardly news, but I must confess, McCain is turning out to be even sleazier than I could have possibly anticipated.

And it seems endemic to all Republicans.

I was reading one of the British Quality papers a day or two ago, and the Obama campaign has a squad of people who […]

Dire Emergency

I got the note below from the American Family Association and by God, I am now worried! Pastor Don is convinced that the world will end if the liberals win.

If you think things are bad now, just wait

October 8, 2008

Dear Adam,

The upcoming election is the most critical election in the history […]

Entering the Danger Zone

Really, there are times it’s great to be an American and times it is a royal pain-in-the-ass.

Right now it’s one of the later.

It’s so bad that I have gone on the offensive, and when I’m in a group where I am the resident American, I’ve taken to asking the question first: What do […]

Explaing Schiavo

Every once in awhile, something happens in the States that I end up having to explain.

Sometimes I can, some times I cannot, and usually have to resort to explaining that I don’t understand the wackiness of Americans.

Today is one of those days. The Terri Schiavo law has befuddled people, and being the resident […]