June 2024


Paying Taxes

In my experience, once you’ve filed your 1040 in the United States, you never hear from the IRS again, unless you’ve done something stupid (like forget to sign the form – see my 2009 1040), or they’re auditing you (never happened to me-save for a screwball thing with the State of Colorado a few years […]

Irish Poetry and an Appreciative Clapping Audience

Wednesday night I had the pleasure of joining the Irish Berliner and Snooker in Berlin for a poetry reading at the Irish Embassy.

Admittedly I am not a huge poetry reader. I find poetry difficult to navigate and comprehend on the first try—and I suspect that I process poetry differently from the way I process […]

What Unites…

I want to thank everybody who commented and provided suggestions as to what to talk about during my Living in Germany as an American talk.

Amongst the others, I want to thank 50% of My DNA (I stole one of your photos, but I credited you), and PapaScott (I quoted one of his 2009 blog […]

Rewinding a tiny bit–back to Thursday…

A quick rewind is in order: Thursday the movers came to move me: they promised to arrive between 7 and 8. I got a phone call at 7:04 telling me that they were half a kilometer away.

Pause there for a second: If movers in the US promised to arrive between 7 and 8 (and […]

Three Updates…

Life’s been interesting of late, and I will shortly be leaving for Turkey, but I thought I’d share a few things.

First up, I took a huge step this week toward “German-hood”—by buying a backpack. When I moved here I bought (here in Germany) an Eastpack backpack. It was a mistake for two reasons: first […]

My New Toilet Seat!

Actually, I’m joking: I don’t actually have a new toilet seat yet.

There are, as we shall see, complications.

I love taking baths.

As you might recall from the photos of my apartment series (which I should restart before I forget), I have a pretty awesome bathroom—a huge bathtub, a nice window, and off […]

YouTube Favorites

I owe a hat tip for the first video, but I’d rather not have anybody attack the original poster, I’ll omit the hat tip for now.

I’m Peachy Today: I’ve got Georgia on my mind!

And no, not საქართველო, but Georgia the state in the United States. Specifically Atlanta.

I’m in Atlanta to visit Pseduo Wife I and her “real husband”. They moved to Hotlanta so that he could pursue higher education—which, quite frankly, is probably the only reason to have anything to do with either Atlanta, or Georgia the […]

Das Pfand

Growing up in Colorado, I had no exposure to “deposits”—that small sum of money that paid for each can or bottle of pop. I only encountered deposits when I headed east to visit my grandparents in New York.

For my Grandmother it was religion—making sure that cans and bottles were carefully tracked and then returned […]

Skewed Perspectives: Thüringen & Wyoming

One of the interesting things to me is how perceptions about time, distance, and population have varied so widely in my life.

When I lived in Wyoming, it was reasonable at 11:30 to say to friends, “Hey, let’s have lunch in Cheyenne,” and be on the road 15 minutes, driving 45 minutes for lunch, a […]