July 2024


Stroking my Ego, Twice in 24 Hours

I can go weeks without feeling good about myself.

Wait, that sounds bad. What I mean is that generally speaking I feel good about life, but that it’s nice to, every once in awhile, hear somebody else say it.

Yesterday I heard it – well, read it – at the office in an email exchange:


Things I’m Bad At: Flirting

My ability to flirt has not improved since this photo was taken.

It comes as a constant surprise to people who know me well that when push comes to shove, I’m actually a huge introvert.

Unless I have some plausible reason to talk to a stranger, I don’t.

Even when I do have a […]

Good Night & Good Luck

Cathy, as promised, popped over tonight—it was absolutely fantastic seeing her—a much needed break from the constant stress of moving.

I’d spent the morning working at the Weimar Office—I had an unexpected project dropped in my lap yesterday and I was told it would be easy. Much to my surprise it took me over three […]

Naked Façade

A funny thing happened on the way to this blog entry yesterday: I reviewed Burger Burger.

I know why I planned on mentioning Burger Burger—it was the starting point for something else. That something else is the nature of other people. I’d declined sitting at one of the two table that were exposed in the […]


Dinner at Perlin

Friday night I met Snooker for dinner at a charming little wine bar named Perlin.

Being American, we arranged to meet extremely early at 6:30. I had picked the time under the vague impression that we could have dinner and that afterwards I would go out dancing and have a late night. Unfortunately our agreed […]

Random Thoughts

It’s time for one of these blog entries filled with random crapola; most of which probably doesn’t interest anybody.

Dressing For Success: Remember that guy I talked about last week: two black hoodies with a black coat? I haven’t seen him since I wrote about it. Karma has bitten me in the ass: I liked […]

Dressing for Success

I’m pretty much a slob: anybody who knows me knows that when it comes time for me to dress everyday, I reach into the closet and grab whatever is convenient.

Usually there’s some reflection of the weather outside, but even that cannot be guaranteed. I try to make sure that the colors don’t clash, and […]

Travel Advisory

I’ve decided it is time to give fair warning: If I’m booked on your flight, you should probably book away.

In the past year, I’ve had my unfair share of travel problems.

Last night my flight from Detroit to Frankfurt pushed back on time, rolled down the taxiway to the runway, turned onto the runway […]

Los Tres Gringos Gays

So, I am back from my trip to México, and since I did not explicitly state where I went before (México is a big country), it is time to reveal actual destination.


I went with my two amigos, Jay and Murph—arriving separately in México’s second largest city last Saturday. I was supposed to arrive […]