December 2023


Noch ein, bitte?

Gay Berlin is amazing.

Like any reasonable first world major city, Berlin has a vivid and vibrant gay scene that is all inclusive and diverse. If you like twinks, there are lots of twink bars; if you like Turks, there’s Gayhane night once a month at SO36; and if you like punishment, well, there’s a […]

Dan Savage Is Right

Only in Canada

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Until my friends Jerry and John upped and decided to immigrate to Canada and move to Vancouver, I’d never really thought about Vancouver that much: it’s a city. It’s located in British Columbia, and… well, that’s where my knowledge stopped.

I don’t believe I’ve ever encountered […]


“I can’t defend castration, whether it’s malicious or, you know, festive.”

Savage Love, 11 April 2006

Dan Savage: ITMFA

A new, important, national effort in the USA: ITMFA.

I (heart) Dan Savage

Dan Savage is Brilliant. He understands gay culture. He understands culture.

I love this:

On my recent book tour I met one of these guys: Mark, a skinny, tattooed, punk rocker type. He’s been with William, a clean-cut, corporate-lawyer type, for four years. Opposites attracted, but at the beginning Mark’s punk friends gave him grief […]

Dan Savage

Dan Savage. Originally uploaded by cpb.

Dan Savage is arguably the most important and influential gay writer in the United States today. I say this having read all four of his books and regularly reading his weekly sex advice column, Savage Love.

I cannot really remember my first distinct encounter with Savage Love, […]


I think I was about 10 or 11 when we visited my Aunt Edie. I’d already had “the talk,” and I had a fairly good idea of what “adult” meant. Adult movies. Adult videos. Adult magazines. I was told that my Aunt Edie lived in an “adult community.” Now, my aunt was a good 80 […]

Senator Santorum

Dan Savage has finally posted the Senator’s video. He’s offensive, as expected… and you may need to fix the URL in order to get the video to work. (Direct Video Link and Direct Letter Link)