July 2024


Kivgiq – The Messenger Feast (Barrow, Alaska, part 2)

These dancers performed sitting down, as if in a boat. It was exceptionally beautiful.

It’s a little difficult to explain my rational for visiting Alaska in winter – and why in February.

Another amazing performance. I bet my captions get dull, quickly.

I’d go into the rational but it involves rental car pricing […]

Last Friday night I got a lap dance. From a girl. And I don’t even remember her name.

The problem with my 18:00 CET photos is that I had to tell a story about what was happening to me at 18:00 CET, which was, of course, noon in New York,

Last Friday, at noon, I wasn’t doing the most interesting of things that I did Friday; I was visiting the Strand bookstore.

At […]

One Day Only: Summer in Berlin

It’s the 2010 Berlin Hustlaball Weekend!

And I’m not going.

Too poor this month.

Hustlaball (NSFW)

Glittery Body Paint on Men Should Win.

Bulgaria was robbed:

In rehearsal, without body glitter:

Clearly I’ve overlooked Bulgaria as a decent place to vacation.

This is the story so far…

such cute dogs!

I’ve had a really great trip to Rotterdam, so far.

Thursday was a productive, albeit lonely, day at the Rotterdam Office; dinner was with some really great people and lasted late into the evening.

Friday was a bit less productive—I was sluggish getting out of bed and to the office—and at […]

Toronto, Mike, and Me

Red's better than blue, right?

So while I could have spent the weekend with Mits, instead I spent it with Mike.

I probably can’t get away without explaining that comment—but suffice it to say that a cute guy introduced himself and because of my mindset about something I was more than obtuse for a […]


I seem to have completely tuned out the Thuringen gay scene; My apologies for those who are depending upon me for the latest updates but I haven’t been paying any attention or checking the few websites that exist for updates.

Needless to say it was a surprise when I saw a flier over the weekend […]

Only if…

I wish my high school was really like the high school below–it would have been a whole lot more fun!

And no, I am not familiar with either TruTV or The Principal’s Office.



The Cock: I started out last night by going to The Cock here in New York City. A couple of comparative notes—I got there at 11:15 because if I hadn’t, I would have stayed in bed and fallen asleep. 11:15 at The Cock was too early, unlike the bar I wanted to go to in […]