May 2023


Photographs from the eastern side….

Last night I met up with Snooker in Berlin and saw Aus Anderer Sicht: Die frühe Berliner Mauer – or The Other View: The Early Berlin Wall.

Honestly this is one of the best exhibitions I’ve seen in a long time – it’s the kind of exhibition where I lost track of time. I literally […]

Bloomington’s Pride Film Festival: A few last thoughts…

I’m probably one of a very few people who managed to make it to all 25 movies that were shown during Bloomington’s Pride Film Festival and I’ve talked about all but four at this point.

So to mention them, starting with the two shorts: The Island was an odd live-animation out of Canada in which […]

Wir haben Oscar!

Ok, so the Oscars were last night, and I, although I am a faggot, am not a good faggot.

Honestly, I’ve never really cared about the Oscars, in part because I never see that many of them, and in part because films I like will never win the Oscars. Furthermore, after the Oscar Travesty of […]

Pimp Me!

During my disco nap period in Berlin, I did something I rarely do any more: I turned on the television and ended up flipping between a few programs: repetitive CNN news, MTV, rtl, and repetitive CNN news.

MTV was where I landed for one of their peculiar “reality TV” programs. Now, I realize that those […]

Back Home Again…

My trip to Berlin was pretty darned good.


Now I will confess that I misplayed parts of my trip, but it is suffice to say that my opinion of Berlin has turned a corner. The city still has fundamental problems—like being too spread out and difficult to get around—but this time I kind of […]

Leipzig by Day


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I’ve now been to beautiful Leipzig three time, and I can honestly say that Leipzig is by far the nicest major city I’ve visited in Germany—unlikely the overly large and spread out Berlin, or the All Business All The Time Frankfurt, Leipzig seems to have a human scale.


Three Weekend Things…

Three Wishes…

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Blue Jeans: Last night I went to Jena to celebrate a colleague’s birthday. He had a party at his flat which overlooks the Jena West-Weimar train tracks. Upon arrival at the party, another colleague noticed something across the room, so she decided to point it out.

“Adam! […]

Berlin: Friday


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Friday morning I slept in until 8. I wrote for awhile and headed out after awhile.

My first stop was Starbucks at the Brandenburg Gate for a smoke-free coffee. I hung out until 11 when the free tour of Berlin started.

Free Berlin Tour

The free three and […]

The Travel Begins…

I’m about to leave on an ICE train for Leipzig and its Stasi Museum. Tomorrow I will fly to Lisbon and next Tuesday I’ll be off to Hoosierland.

And no, the ICE train is not cold.

three hundred seventy-five years

Three hundred seventy-five years is the estimated amount of time it would take 40 people to reassemble the collected shredded files of the DDR Stasi.

When Anna Funder, the author of Stasiland, visited the Stasi File Authority offices outside of Nuremberg, the authority had thirty-one employees.

It’s a rather daunting fact to consider—Three hundred seventy-five […]