June 2024


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An Early Monday Morning Update

Last fall I planned this weekend getaway to Las Vegas.

The core reason why is a bit embarrassing (*cough*elitestatus*cough*), but it turns out Vegas is an inexpensive trip from Berlin: 565€, round trip, and I planned for three nights.

Now if I didn’t have a friend who lived in Vegas, one I haven’t seen in […]

Life. Is. Fragile.

This year I’ve lost two friends to illness.

The second was just yesterday—and although I knew he was ill, the loss is sudden and unexpected. I had the great privilege of speaking with him just about a month ago and we (that is to say his wife, he, and I) were starting to think about […]


I received word yesterday that Garry, a colleague, who was the fiancée of another colleague, died last Thursday evening.

It’s difficult to really put my feelings in words: Garry’s death means the loss of somebody worthy of spending time with.

I can only imagine it’s even more painful for his fiancée, a woman whose family […]

Wyoming Memories: Jessica Dubroff

Now that I am actively planning my Wyoming vacation, I’m having a ton of old Wyoming memories replay.

Many of these will seep out over the next few months—I hope you will indulge me.

One of the odder memories revolves around Jessica Dubroff, who was the so-called youngest pilot in America—flying from coast to coast […]

Personal News Embargo

I am forecasting unprecedented tsunami of uninteresting news over the next 24 hours.

Accordingly I will not be reading or listening to any news between 16:00 CET on Tuesday and 16:00 CET on Wednesday—which should, because of evening plans, actually be much later.

Somebody SMS me if real legitimate news happens.

MIA: Please report if found!

Looks similar to bright ball in this photo.

What’s missing, you ask?

That big ball of fire in the sky.

I haven’t seen it in a few days and considering the constant cloudiness and rain, I’m not sure the sun actually exists any more. There are moments of less dark along side the moments […]

Canadian Sense

I won’t ask my Canadian readers to defend Canada, but I’ve always been under the impression that the country is imminently sensible, filled with diverse, intelligent, and friendly people (save for Quebec).

For me, whenever I hear about insane US policies, I presume that they are not adopted by Canada because Canadian policy makers look […]

Grey Ladies, Sinking

Until I moved to Germany, one of the daily constants in my life was a newspaper.

Growing up in Denver, my family got the Rocky Mountain News and The New York Times, every day.

Some of my earliest childhood memories involve reading the Sunday comics in my parent’s bed. In elementary school, I would read […]

Matthew Shepard, Ten Years Later

Society and people are transformed by major events.

I identify transformational events by the stories people tell. People tell me when, where, and how they heard the news that something transformational happened and what was different afterwards, even if the changes seem trivial now. These shared experiences help define generations and unite otherwise diverse people.