June 2024


Travel Advisory

I’ve decided it is time to give fair warning: If I’m booked on your flight, you should probably book away.

In the past year, I’ve had my unfair share of travel problems.

Last night my flight from Detroit to Frankfurt pushed back on time, rolled down the taxiway to the runway, turned onto the runway […]

Los Tres Gringos Gays

So, I am back from my trip to México, and since I did not explicitly state where I went before (México is a big country), it is time to reveal actual destination.


I went with my two amigos, Jay and Murph—arriving separately in México’s second largest city last Saturday. I was supposed to arrive […]

B to W

I made it to Berlin last night—with two insults added to my injury. First the flight was delayed, arriving 45 minutes later into Berlin than scheduled due to mechanical problems. Secondly, my bag was not on the belt—so after finding the missing bags office (not easy at Tegel), I was told that my bag had […]

B2B: The Return (Delayed)

The weather which I bitched about yesterday (and, for that matter, the day before), came back to haunt me today.

Come to think of it, I’ve had a streak of really bad luck when it comes to travel over the past few months. I don’t think I’ve blogged about everything, but suffice it to say […]

One Thing After Another

Me pointing

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To describe this trip as a series of mini-headaches would be an understatement.

The funny thing is that nothing has really caused me to get really upset—only once have I been really surly with somebody and another time I let annoyance creep into my voice.

Seriously, I’ve […]

Signal Failure

So the theme of my first two traveling days revolves around trains and transportation.

The first day of the journey was a headache-the first, and really only thing, to go as scheduled and designed was the train at 07:30 from Weimar Berkaer Bahnhof to Weimar Hauptbahnhof, arriving on-time at 07:35.

Unfortunately that was it-and had […]

Fatherland Found

I’m back in Germany, and there really isn’t anything quite like home.

The trip did have its problems and Delta was clearly having an off day.

While waiting to board the plane in Indy, another Delta flight returned to the ground accompanied by several fire trucks. The plane pulled up to the gate and all […]