May 2024


Whatchamacallit 4: Northwest Airlines Mug

Growing up in Denver, Northwest Airlines as not an airline I noticed with any regularity. As a kid, the airlines that mattered were United, Continental, and Frontier – all three hubbing at Stapleton International Airport – of those three, only one exists – strangely all three are that one. (I’m talking about the original […]

Fortune Favored

As observed yesterday, I had a really good trip to the States.

That said, I am relieved to be back home before the Swine Flu Paranoia hits level six—or is that level 7? The rate at which concern about the disease has exploded is somewhat shocking to me—Of course, I’m writing this at 40,000 feet […]

An ORDinary Kind of Day

Or not.

It’s actually been a really cool Thursday, despite an alarm clock going off at 4.


I trundled off to Tegel, got on a plane, flew for an hour, and then had a three hour layover—before I got on a big blue 747-400 to head over the North Atlantic, and in my own […]

Special Travel

My trip back to Germany was a lot like my trip from Germany.

One of the flight attendants was the same and the person sitting next to me going to Berlin was the same man who sat next to me coming from Berlin. I thought I recognized his back as I followed him onto the […]


nwa A330-300 wing from 10A

Yesterday marked the beginning of the end of my airline, Northwest Airlines.

The moment came when the Department of Justice announced they had no objections to the merger of Northwest Airlines and Delta Air Lines. Within a few short hours, the merger formally happened and by the time I […]

Early to Bed, Early to…

When I was a child, there was one thing I could count on: my father was always the first person awake in the house.

He had, what my mother termed, “alarm phobia”—often waking at least five, if not ten or fifteen minutes early. He would get dressed, go downstairs, read the newspaper, eat breakfast, and […]

Trip Report

Unless you are a real sucker for boring reading, skip this post.


LIS-CDG-ATL-IND, in progress

Metro Warning Originally uploaded by elmada.

As I’m writing this, I’m high above the Atlantic, somewhere between Ireland and, I suspect, Iceland. I cannot tell you exactly because I’m onboard a Delta 767-300ER, which lacks individualized IFE (in-flight entertainment), thus dooming all of us to watching “The Island,” a film of dubious quality based […]

Fatherland Found

I’m back in Germany, and there really isn’t anything quite like home.

The trip did have its problems and Delta was clearly having an off day.

While waiting to board the plane in Indy, another Delta flight returned to the ground accompanied by several fire trucks. The plane pulled up to the gate and all […]


So I am writing this portion of the blog whilst I am sitting onboard Delta Flight 15, with service from Frankfurt to Atlanta, Georgia. Last night, when we checked in at the hotel, I asked for the 9:00 shuttle, but since it was full, I had to opt for the 9:30 shuttle, which, as it […]