June 2024


I voted for Jonathan George in Indiana’s 9th Congressional District Democratic Primary

So after a bunch of comments from Hoosiers a week or two ago, I finally made my decision and I sent off my absentee ballot.

Really, of course, there was no question (or choice) for US President or US Senator: Barack Obama and Joe Donnelly, respectively, got my primary votes.

However, for the 9th Congressional […]

Hello Indiana’s 9th Congressional District! Who do I vote for?!

Despite my earlier ambivalence about voting in the 2012 elections, I am gung-ho and ready to participate in that thing which is American Democracy!

First up, of course, is the primary – and, this time around, there’s no question as to who will be the Democratic candidate for president. Consequently, I kind of set the […]

No Heart Attacks Now…

Finish lines are dangerous.

Take this year’s New York City Marathon where two died shortly after crossing the finish line—admittedly that was out of 37,899 participants, but it is still sad and scary.

So you can understand how nervous I felt as the presidential race approached the finish line early Wednesday morning (ok, late Tuesday […]

Monroe County, Indiana, Absentee Election Email

Dear Ms McCarty,

Attached please find a scan of my affidavit acknowledging a voluntary waiver of secret ballot.

For the office of President and Vice President, I vote for Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

For the office of United States Representative, District 9, I vote for Baron P. Hill.

I would appreciate acknowledgment that this […]

Democrats Abroad, Germany: Annoying Freaks

Anybody who knows me knows that I have practically no patience for stupidity.

This brings me to the subject of the US State Department and the German chapter of the Democrats Abroad. Both have elements of stupidity—the former amusingly so, the later annoyingly so.

It all started innocently enough when I checked one of my […]


As I write this, John Kerry is about to give his acceptance speech in front of the Democratic National Convention. While I am pleased to say that I was a Kerry supporter as early as last October and that I support most of what says, I have to say that this is a watershed year […]