February 2024


It’s time to change dentists.

When it comes to things like the dentist, inertia is my dentist’s best friend.

The fact is that my dental practice here in Berlin is overpriced and incredibly stylish. Stylish to the point that while there I always feel a bit out of place because I don’t wear the finest brand name clothing in the […]


So this morning I was eating my favorite breakfast: Kolln Müsli Schoko when I bit into something hard.

Fishing it out of my mouth, I looked at it and thought, that’s odd: that doesn’t look like a rock. My tongue went into immediate search mode and a split second later I realized, I had broken […]

Bank Paranoia

One of the great features of the Internet Age is online banking—only its getting more complicated and less convenient than ever, especially with my bank here in Germany.

And it’s doubly complicated, all at once.

First my bank decided that my credit card had been hacked and, without warning, decided it could not be used […]

The Zahnpasta Challenge

The only thing better than real security is false security—and since 2001 no organization has been better at providing false security than the US’s TSA: the Transportation Security Administration.

Predictably the TSA is reacts to situations. Someone tries to blow-up a plane using a bomb in a shoe? The response: make everybody take off their […]

Bear-ly Mobile

Lunch today could have been a scene from Bear Cub, a rapid-fire Spanish flick about a bear and his bear-friends. The Chief Bear was left his nephew to raise when the nephew’s Mother did something really stupid in a foreign country.

Great film, but back to lunch.

It could have been a scene from Bear […]

Gnashing and Wailing…

Yeah, so I went to the dentist and the optometrist today—and I’m happy to report that all went as well as it could have gone.

My time at the dentist’s office went very quickly: I was in and out of the office in about 35 minutes, at the most. The part of the procedure I […]

Eye for an Eye

And a tooth for a tooth.

Monday morning I’m getting a tooth filled—and since I’m in for a penny, I decided to go for getting my eyes examined as well. I hate getting my eyes examined even more than getting teeth filled.

Tomorrow afternoon I’ll be staying in a very dark cave—although it will seem […]


This morning I had the pleasure of visiting the dentist to get my teeth cleaned.

My dentist is a really fantastic dentist located in the heart of Bloomington on Kirkwood Avenue. I started using him because, at the time, he was about a minute long walk away from where I was living at the time—not […]