June 2024


Same procedure as last year?

New Year’s Eve Tradition in Mobile, Alabama…

And, in keeping with the procedure from last year, Germany…

If you want to watch this on television, instead of on YouTube, and you’re in Germany, good news: you cannot miss it:


18:00 CET: It’s a Schöneburger for dinner

Reading and drinking, while waiting.

I officially leave for vacation tomorrow morning – and so today, I got to work extra early, got an incredible amount done (seriously) and then left before 2. From work I went to the gym where I lifted weights, did cardio, and briefly steamed myself before heading home.

It’s […]

18:00 CET: Makin’ Meatloaf

Looking into my kitchen!

When I woke up this morning I had no idea what I would be doing at 18:00 this afternoon.

My original plan post-work plan was to go shopping and pick up some goods for my upcoming trip, then hit up a grocery store, and then make my way home. But […]

I forgot to tell Pret A Diner that I also blog.

Earlier this week I learned that Pret A Diner, a pop-up restaurant, would be opening at the end of the week. As a subscriber to a newsletter, I was invited to join opening night, or, using the same special email address, priority access to reservations over the rest of their six week run.

After agreeing […]

Lamb for Dinner

Last night I had dinner with Michele–we went to Rhodos Pallas, a Greek restaurant in Weimar that I’d overlooked. Anke told me that it existed and off we went. It is in the basement of a hotel (Bauhausstraße 12) and was cozy. I ordered the leg of lamb with eggplant–and the portion was huge, although […]

Inadequate Feeling

Wednesday night it was late and I was having a post-dinner drink with Monsieur Namur.

We were at a very nice French restaurant located in the heart of Rotterdam, located a few short steps from my hotel. Over the course of the evening I’d started with three pre-dinner white beers, followed by two glasses of […]

Dinner at Perlin

Friday night I met Snooker for dinner at a charming little wine bar named Perlin.

Being American, we arranged to meet extremely early at 6:30. I had picked the time under the vague impression that we could have dinner and that afterwards I would go out dancing and have a late night. Unfortunately our agreed […]


When one thinks of traditional Portuguese culture, one is compelled to think of Fado.

Fado is the Portuguese word for “fate” and it refers to a musical style of love songs that are sung while you are eating your dinner.

In Lisbon there are lots of Fado restaurants, many of them are geared specifically for […]

Early to Bed, Early to…

When I was a child, there was one thing I could count on: my father was always the first person awake in the house.

He had, what my mother termed, “alarm phobia”—often waking at least five, if not ten or fifteen minutes early. He would get dressed, go downstairs, read the newspaper, eat breakfast, and […]

Frohes Weihnacht!

I guess it is safe to say that Christmas is, essentially, here.

There’s one last night in Weimar before I head off to the States for a short period of time when I will see my parental units, siblings, and nephews. I suspect that it will be just like previous years, for the most part.