July 2024


And the allergies are off to the races!

It the time of year that I suffer mightily from allergies – I have no idea which plant it is, but the plant took full advantage of the rains late last week to come out and bloom over the weekend.

Saturday I ended up taking anti-allergy drugs. One of the side effects of my anti-allergy […]

Strange Dreams

The cold came back with a vengeance last night.

Strangely it resulted in strange dreams, the kinds of dreams that were exhausting. I woke up every hour the entire night, wanting a break from the dreams. I wish I could tell you about the dreams, but my dreams are fleeting and I’ve forgotten the content, […]

Odd Dream

So last night I drempt that I was onboard an Aeroflot flight—it was a round trip flight and I remember that I left from Moscow—the runway was quite short and the take off was abrupt. I don’t remember anything else about the outward bound flight, nor much about the return flight, except that on the […]

Project Complete

Today was a good day in that I finished off a project that needed to be nailed down and shipped off. I only missed the deadline by 24 hours.

I don’t really have one theme to write about today—life is varied.

Dreamwise I’ve been having a number of interesting dreams: this morning I had a […]

Dreams / Träume

Two days in a row I’ve had dreams about traveling and getting through airports.

Friday night’s dream was one of my infrequent, but consistent, immigration and customs nightmares. I had flown into the States and was approaching what I assumed was the TSA checkpoint (The set-up in my dream was reminiscent of international arrivals in […]

Being British

I usually do not remember my dreams after waking, but last night I was having a dream about going through immigration at some airport in the United Kingdom. I had just been asked by the immigration official when I was leaving.

“Sunday, unless I get sick,” I said and my alarm went off.

It was […]

Rick Mercer

So as you know, over Easter Weekend I was really sick. I had that long series of Harry Potter dreams where everybody was reading Harry Potter II in Britain and they were giving out free copies everywhere-I talked about it.

Funny enough, I was actually reading Harry Potter II – which no doubt fueled this […]


I am sick… horrible pounding headache, inability to sleep long periods of time.

Over Easter.

This sucks.

Followup: Saturday afternoon at 3… I noticed that I was getting sick last night at midnight, although it wasn’t until I was in bed that I realized how sick I was–for I emerged from under the covers, grabbed […]


I dream of…

…a weeknight evening when I’m not doing laundry.

A silly dream I suppose, but right now its the only time I have to do laundy and i find it incredibly BORING!