May 2024


Yearning to…

One of the best things about my trip to Dresden was the fact that I went to the Think Pink dance party and had, fort he most part, a great time.

It put me in a dancing state-of-mind.

Unfortunately it’s a state-of-mind that cannot be resolved in Weimar, it requires travel. I even went so […]

Dresden Photos

I finally uploaded a few photos from Dresden. One is below, the rest are on my Flickr Dresden Set.

More on Dresden

The Whiney Expat Blogger Meet-Up was, in my personal estimation, a great success.

It was great meeting Eurotrippen’s B again; seeing the Big Wide World’s Cathy somewhere other than the Erfut-Weimar-Jena triad; and then catching up with people I’ve only read before (Germany Doesn’t Suck’s J; Mausi; and C N Heidelberg), as well as people […]

A Colorado Kind of Evening

I could write a lot about the Whiney Ex-Pat Blogger Meet-Up in Dresden, but I figure that there were ten bloggers running around in a pack, and since we’re all writers, it’s going to be covered in a variety of ways over the next week.

Obviously, with an introduction like that, this will not really […]

Die Strikers D(i)efeated!

I am in Dresden.

Despite the ongoing strike by Die Bahn’s train drivers, I made it to Dresden today, and my plan worked better than expected.

Yesterday I’d peeked at the train schedule in the morning and noticed that some trains were getting from Weimar to Halle, so I decided to gamble: If I went […]

Struck, not stuck!

Die Bahn’s train drivers are going on strike from 2am Thursday through 2am Saturday.

Nice, eh?

I was supposed to go to Dresden Friday afternoon to take part in this year’s Whiney Expat Blogger Meet-Up, but because of the strike, I cannot fathom making it on Friday: I’ll catch an early train Saturday morning and […]

Weekend Roundup

Steam Engine

Originally uploaded by elmada.

I’m home from my journey.

However I need time to write up the trip and talk about everything I saw (it will probably be spread out across several days). I also need to upload my pictures to Flickr.

The picture attached to this entry was a lucky […]

Dresden Thoughts

Dresden is a perplexing city.

Within 15 minutes I had said to myself, “What a charming, wonderful city!” and “This city is depressing.”

Both statements were valid for where I was standing at the time.

Dresden was an unlucky city-for most of World War II, it survived undamaged until February 13, 1945 when in two […]

Kai Tracid at Melly’s

It’s been a long year and a half since I first encountered a Kai Tracid video, tracked him down, got copies of his CDs, learned what Trance/Acid music was, moved to Germany, and then kept track of his schedule learning that he was nearby in Leipzig, but I wasn’t able to go (no German skills, […]

Kai Tracid

I’m excited because tomorrow I am taking a trip!

Uh huh, I can hear y’all already: another trip?! WTF is going on?

This trip was planned at the last minute because I discovered that Kai Tracid, my favorite DJ, is performing in Dresden tomorrow night at Melly’s!

How cool is that?!

I’ve wanted to see […]