April 2024


I love wool: A plunge into my closet in cold (and warm) weather.

Yesterday I decided to go out for an adventure in Berlin.

With temperatures the coldest all year – around -12° – and plans for a long walk around Berlin, I bundled up. Out came the long underwear (wool, even!), winter jacket, hat, gloves, and warm shoes. I went all out – my scarf trailing behind […]

Dressing for Success

I’m pretty much a slob: anybody who knows me knows that when it comes time for me to dress everyday, I reach into the closet and grab whatever is convenient.

Usually there’s some reflection of the weather outside, but even that cannot be guaranteed. I try to make sure that the colors don’t clash, and […]

Mosh-Pit Punk-Out

Tonight I’m going to an art gallery opening here in Weimar.

It’s an exhibit at the ACC called “Barking Dogs United: Size Matterz”—and the only thing I know is that the first room of the exhibit has walls covered in US dollar bills. Five years ago, it would have been worth stealing, now it’s art.


The Wedding

Saturday was wedding time: the German Bride and American Groom were getting hitched, all whilst “naturally” dressed. It was the fourth wedding of my life, following after SisterOne, me as Wyoming Goomsman, and a lovely wedding in Iowa City.

By any measure, I am a newbie when it comes to weddings.

The wedding was […]

Naturally Dressed

Given that the aformentioned wedding with a “naturally” dressed bride and groom was going to be held at a castle, the nature of the “naturally” dressed bride and groom should, in retrospect, have been obvious. More on the wedding later.

Warning: TMI?

After a late night yesterday, I slept in this morning.

Now, perhaps in the tmi category, I often sleep in the buff, and have been known, on occasion, to forget to bring clothing with me to the bathroom in the morning, dressing after my shower.

Fortunately today I remembered that the maid was coming and […]

Cheney Fucked Up

He cannot dress appropriately.

Although I’m guessing Bush would have messed up some how too!