May 2024


I was ahead of my time back in 1990: I didn’t get my drivers license.

Back when I was 16 I didn’t really want a driving license.

During high school, I took the bus to and from school—a four-mile trip. For a year or two I took the school bus, but because it took an extra circuitous route, that involved getting up too early, so eventually I switched to taking […]

Coming of Age

I called my Father this weekend and learned that last Thursday he lost his drivers license.

Not that it was a big surprise—one could see it coming: after multiple eye surgeries, not one of which restored his ability to read books, never mind drive, it was probably somewhat anticlimactic at the drivers’ license office when […]

ExPats Getting a License to Drive in Germany

I sincerely hope Indiana has a reciprocity agreement with Germany and that Adam didn’t have to go through this.


So today I got something that teenagers get in America.

In fact, now that I think about it, I think my oldest nephew is about to get his.

I got my drivers license.

My German one, that is.


It was a long morning, but I am pleased to report that as of 10:35 (approximately), I became a legal resident of Deutschland-pages 16 and 17 of my passport are occupied by my “Aufenthaltstitel” – “Residence title.”

It was the thrilling culmination to a long morning of German-Style Bureaucracy.

I started by meeting K, from […]

Bureaucracy II

Friday was a pretty busy day. I woke up at some obscene hour-5:30, as I recall, and checked email and other mundane stuff before I headed over to the train station. I needed to catch the 8:08 train to Weimar in order to hang out with J and finish up whatever work I needed to […]