July 2024


Thankfully there was room at the Tyndrum Lodge

So whilst in Glasgow, my friends and I took an overnight trip to Fort William. Fort William is a town along a Loch in the Scottish Highlands. More on that part of the trip later.

However, on the way back, things got dicey—and, according to a notification sign, the A82 was closed somewhere south of […]

I was ahead of my time back in 1990: I didn’t get my drivers license.

Back when I was 16 I didn’t really want a driving license.

During high school, I took the bus to and from school—a four-mile trip. For a year or two I took the school bus, but because it took an extra circuitous route, that involved getting up too early, so eventually I switched to taking […]

My thoughts on car-sharing: it’s not for me.

It seems really foreign to not own a car—especially as an American. In America it’s as if the second you turn 16, you must get your driver’s license and a car.

Of course it didn’t work that way for me: I’ve always been, for the most part, a public transit kind of guy. I actually […]

Car Accident!

Just before 2 I was working on email when I heard a loud crunch and crash outside my apartment.

Immediately I knew that an accident had occurred in the intersection outside my house. From above it looked like on car (the blue one) was damage really badly but the other car (dark red), damaged side […]

Random Trip Notes

I’m back in Weimar–but before I move on to life back in Germany, here are a few more travel tidbits:

Is it really an honor? On my way from the airport, I drove down a stretch of I-70 in Denver that was named after the Tuskegee Airmen. I don’t have any doubt that these individuals […]

Today’s Forecast: Cold with Snow plus Homosexuality in Laramie

After spending two nights in Pinedale, I woke up this morning to a weather forecast that was anxiety raising: Cooler with the potential for snow over parts of the state.

I ended up doing the morning ablutions rapidly, before heading out on the road. I stopped in Boulder (Wyoming) to eat breakfast before continuing my […]

Drive Through Tourism: Yellowstone and Grand Teton

I was there.

It dawned on me Tuesday morning, as I pulled out of the Irma Hotel parking lot, that I hadn’t seen Cody’s surroundings before. Tuesday morning, the skies were clear, the sun was bright, and I realized that Cody has stunning surroundings.

Unfortunately I’d made a schedule and I wanted to keep […]

en Route

Between Casper and Cody, the highways were pretty wet with blowing snow. There were a few spots of near white-out conditions.

Skewed Perspectives: Thüringen & Wyoming

One of the interesting things to me is how perceptions about time, distance, and population have varied so widely in my life.

When I lived in Wyoming, it was reasonable at 11:30 to say to friends, “Hey, let’s have lunch in Cheyenne,” and be on the road 15 minutes, driving 45 minutes for lunch, a […]

Driving to the Beach!

I spent a couple hours yesterday afternoon at the beach, and I’m happy to report that my 17,20€ sunscreen worked well: no sunburn to report today.

The beach is about 25 kilometers from my hotel and I am fortunate that my friend here is willing to loan me his car, so it’s just a matter […]