April 2024


And the allergies are off to the races!

It the time of year that I suffer mightily from allergies – I have no idea which plant it is, but the plant took full advantage of the rains late last week to come out and bloom over the weekend.

Saturday I ended up taking anti-allergy drugs. One of the side effects of my anti-allergy […]

Target’s Up & Up: Accidentally Amusing

One thing that I like to do whilst in the States is pop into local drug stores and pick up things that are inexpensive Stateside, but expensive in Germany, including, for example, aspirin.

This trip I stopped by Target and I noticed for the first time that their house brand had changed. I don’t know […]

A Wasted Afternoon (but not for me): Christiania

So here’s my secret destination: I’m in Køpenhaven for a couple of nights. I picked Copenhagen for a weekend getaway because just over the border is one of my former Jena/Weimar colleagues and the actual intent of my trip is to visit her in Sweden.

Instead of going directly to visit her, I decided to […]

Moving On: An Update On What I Want.

I have to say that my decision to not take any of the apartments that I saw in June was a good one: In retrospect the area I was targeting was gay, but not diverse. It wasn’t until I settled into Kreuzberg that I realized that there were better parts of Berlin—places where there were […]

Two things for Tuesday

First: I have, at long last, my new Aufenthaltstitel – which is what gives me permission to live and work in Germany. It’s valid for as long as my current contract is valid. Very exciting!

Second, is an amusing chat I had today:

Me: I saw a really hot guy today in the park across […]

Berlin’s abused parks

Right now I’m living within a short distance from one of Berlin’s parks. I won’t say which one, only enough to say that it’s larger than a bread-box, but smaller than Luxembourg.

Actually, I live across the street from the park, and I now know that I do not want to live across the street […]

Sure Randy drinks the *local* Thüringen Waldquell water, but…

After a couple weeks of not remembering when I had my camera with me, I finally had my camera with me when I took a good look at the billboard below:

This is a billboard for water that comes from my (current) home state of Thüringen:

Who has the best climate protection […]

What a beautiful long weekend. Too bad…

I’m actually stuck at home, recovering from what appears to be a mild cold.

It started Wednesday when I woke up with a mild sore throat. Instead of risking it, I stayed home, worked from home, and by mid-afternoon I felt fine. The sore throat was gone and I was ready to start dancing.

Thursday […]

Extra Happy People

Pharmacy Happy Hour

Every Wednesday and Friday, from 3-6pm, 10% off at the Pharmacy!

P.S. Call this my Funny Foto Freitag entry…

Unrelenting Sneezing!

It was just about a month ago that I got really sick. At the time I thought it was a cold, but others, quite rightly, pointed out to me that it was probably actually the flu.

Whenever I get that kind of sick, it usually takes me awhile to get over it. The last lingering […]