July 2024


Having a guest is keeping me busy…

For the last two weeks (well, since returning from #WEBMU), I’ve been thrilled to host my friend Koko.

Unfortunately she’s returning to the States Sunday morning (departing on an ungodly early flight from Berlin), and I’ve been trying to make the most of my time with her, while keeping up with work and going to […]

Fußball Fans

About an hour and a half of my train ride today was marred by the presence of a group of about 10-15 football fans—naturally they were drunk and singing football songs in support of their team, something Rostock.

I ignored them until they started beating on the ceiling of the train, which prompted clouds of […]

2x Pissed

I’m pissed tonight—in both the British and American senses of the word.

First the British sense: I had a beer in the hotel lobby whilst checking my email. And then I had a beer at the bar. This is enough to make me pretty tipsy.

Secondly: The bar I went to had FIVE people, counting […]

Inadequate Feeling

Wednesday night it was late and I was having a post-dinner drink with Monsieur Namur.

We were at a very nice French restaurant located in the heart of Rotterdam, located a few short steps from my hotel. Over the course of the evening I’d started with three pre-dinner white beers, followed by two glasses of […]

Cheap Date

I had two glasses of my Aldi wine tonight: one with my burrito dinner, and the second when I realized that there was only one glass of wine left in the bottle.

It knocked me out—and I have no idea what time I crashed.

I only know that it was pretty early.

I really am […]

Sorry! Not really…

I must apologize for not posting anything yesterday. I do have a good excuse, really! I was at the grocery store last night making some last minute purchases, when I noticed that they were selling bottles of Primeur Beaujolais-Villages wine for less than 2€.

I bought a bottle, brought it home, opened it, and promptly […]

La Fée Verte

I didn’t mention it in any of the posts I put up Wednesday, my first day back on the net, but Mateo was winging his way back to the states as I posted the entries. He was still flying home when I wrote this entry. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to post it until today, […]

Drunk, Wandertag

I’ve ordered four gin and tonics, drunk three (one fell on the ground and shattered the glass).


Pizza from Joeys with Olives and Mushrooms.

Katya and i had a good night.

Tomorrow is Wandertag: office hiking day. 8:30 to 5:30.