June 2024


Weimar News

Considering how little time I’ve lived in Weimar (four years), this city keeps making the pages of The Economist at an unbelievable rate. Take this week: Weimar: Up from the ashes.

My previous homes of Denver, Laramie, and Bloomington, have either not made it in at all, or have appeared a number of times appropriate […]


Here in London, much of the news about Beckham going to America focuses on two things: (1) How much money is involved; and (2) How Beckham going to America will transform soccer making it popular in America.

My responses: (1) Good for Beckham’s bank account, bad investment by the owners of the LA Galaxy (is […]

Major Mistakes

Since leaving Indiana for Germany, Indiana elected a new Governor from the Republican Party, My Man Mitch Daniels.

Since taking office, Daniels has managed to do exactly one good thing: convince the legislature to enact a day light savings program. Of course he fucked it up when he left it to the federal government to […]

Wyoming, Land of Opportunity -ies

Awhile back my sister sent me a notepad that she’d come across.

The notepad promoted the Wyoming Department of Workforce Service (a fancy name for “Labor” I suspect), proclaiming that they “link human and economic development for Wyoming’s future.”

Across the bottom of the pages they had four separate rotating factoids to consider as one […]

Dear Leader

So Dear Leader’s visit to Germany has had a significant economic impact.

500,000,000€ loss to shipping on the Rhine, never mind losses at the Frankfurt Airport.

Congratulations to Dear Leader and his Security Forces for helping out the German Economy!

The Dollar


To: President Bush, Alan Greenspan; important people From: Adam Lederer; citizen, expat Date: 20 November 2004 Re: The Dollar

To Whom It May Concern:

Thank you for not changing the weak dollar policy.

I need blue jeans, a pair of clubbing shoes, a couple new shirts. I’m looking forward to my upcoming visits because […]

What happens when you let your major employer rule your town

Since Adam is away I thought I would fill you in/bore you with some details about the economic make-up of my current hometown of Danville, VA. This is prompted by an article titled, Small towns tired of slow rollout create own high-speed networks in the money section of the 9/21/04 USA Today (you’ll need the […]