February 2024


Destination Unknown

Throughout the last several years, conservatives tired of listening to liberals suggest that perhaps America needs some adjustments and new leadership have uttered that wonderful challenge, “If you don’t love America, why don’t you get out?”

It’s implied that the destination can be Canada with its high taxes and horrid universal healthcare, Sweden with its […]

Penalized for Good Behavior

When it comes to elections, I like to plan ahead.

Perhaps too far ahead: in July I stopped by the Monroe County Election Office to drop off my application for an absentee ballot.

All was fine with the paperwork I’d previously filled out, and I mentioned that the worst part about voting was that mailing […]


I suppose it is hardly news, but I must confess, McCain is turning out to be even sleazier than I could have possibly anticipated.

And it seems endemic to all Republicans.

I was reading one of the British Quality papers a day or two ago, and the Obama campaign has a squad of people who […]

Dire Emergency

I got the note below from the American Family Association and by God, I am now worried! Pastor Don is convinced that the world will end if the liberals win.

If you think things are bad now, just wait

October 8, 2008

Dear Adam,

The upcoming election is the most critical election in the history […]

Entering the Danger Zone

Really, there are times it’s great to be an American and times it is a royal pain-in-the-ass.

Right now it’s one of the later.

It’s so bad that I have gone on the offensive, and when I’m in a group where I am the resident American, I’ve taken to asking the question first: What do […]

Seen Tuesday Night

Dear Hillary,

Some text below may be slightly, errr… off color. If you are easily offended, come back tomorrow.

Dear Hillary,

Please quit whilst you are ahead.

I realize that I have been a long term supporter and that I think you would be a better president that Obama, but the fact of the matter is that […]

Sexy, Sexy Obama

Now that there are only a smattering of states left to vote in the Democratic nomination process, I might as well come out of the closet.

I want to fuck Barack Obama.

Seriously, he is sexy: nice body, dresses well, can say all the sweet nothings that will make my heart swoon.

He reminds me […]

Go McCain (and Mike)

Things are not looking pretty on the Democratic side of the presidential election.

Two decent candidates are amassing enough votes to guarantee a quagmire come convention time in August. I hope that things clear up soon and that the Democrats can unify behind one good candidate. I suspect that they are unifying behind the one […]

Super Dienstag

First off I want to congratulate the American media for finally getting something correct.

Today is Super Tuesday.

Unfortunately it’s not Super Tuesday for the faux reasons that the media offers up. I wouldn’t say anytime one gets to choose between an excessively old codger, Ronald Reagan Hair, or a religious nut job, it’s not […]