June 2024


Three Things I’m Missing Since I’m Hitting the Road.

I’m leaving town this week — and while I’m gone, I’ll be missing (at least) three big things:

The first thing I’ll be missing is the German Federal Elections, which will be held Sunday the 22nd. As a political junkie I’ll “miss” it to some extent — but as a non-citizen, I have no […]

What a sense of relief that Obama was reelected…

Thanks to a vacation policy that I don’t quite understand, back at the end of September I was granted an extra day off this year, which I immediately applied toward taking today off.

As the election progressed, I came to realize that I would either be very happy or very depressed today, and in either […]

I voted for Jonathan George in Indiana’s 9th Congressional District Democratic Primary

So after a bunch of comments from Hoosiers a week or two ago, I finally made my decision and I sent off my absentee ballot.

Really, of course, there was no question (or choice) for US President or US Senator: Barack Obama and Joe Donnelly, respectively, got my primary votes.

However, for the 9th Congressional […]

Hello Indiana’s 9th Congressional District! Who do I vote for?!

Despite my earlier ambivalence about voting in the 2012 elections, I am gung-ho and ready to participate in that thing which is American Democracy!

First up, of course, is the primary – and, this time around, there’s no question as to who will be the Democratic candidate for president. Consequently, I kind of set the […]

Confession Time: I’m losing interest in voting in American elections.

I know it’s 14 months out, and I do want Obama to be reelected, but… given that I vote in Indiana and I can only vote for federal offices, what’s the point?

I’m feelin’ a bit disenfranchised…

Anybody living in or visiting Berlin right now would surely know that today Berlin is holding an election.

The campaign season seems horribly long, but, in truth, it’s confined to a relatively short span. I believe I remember the first campaign posters going up in late July or early August. In this sense, the German […]

I don’t get it.

After six years of living abroad, I seem to be out of touch with America.

I can’t figure out what Obama’s done wrong. As far as I can tell he’s expanded health care, prevented the economy from completely tanking, and started the process of unwinding all the bad things that were caused by George W. […]

Officially Nuts!

Flying the flag for you.

I got my Piraten Partei flag today—it was inexpensive enough and I picked up a few buttons supporting the party.

Now I have no idea what to do with the flag in the short term—My apartment is far too above the street to make hanging it in the […]

Meine Stimme geht an …

Attracting Youthful Voters.

Next Sunday, Weimar citizens will be facing their third election of the year—it started with the local elections just after Obama’s visit in June; followed by state (Länder) elections in August, and now the Federal (Bundes) elections in September.

I have no vote in any of the elections; no vote for […]

Kein Nazis!

I’d noticed a couple weeks ago that several of the political parties campaigning for office in Weimar were engaging in negative campaigning—with a somewhat consistent cross-party message: No Nazis in our government.

At times I am kind of oblivious to things that ought to be readily obvious to me—like Nazis running for city council.