January 2023


Thüringen Wahl

He wants you to vote CDU.

Local elections are coming up in Thüringen and serious campaigning has begun.

There are at least two strange things about the election.

First, and through no fault of the people who picked the dates, the election is June 7th, a mere two days after Obama visits. I suspect […]

No Heart Attacks Now…

Finish lines are dangerous.

Take this year’s New York City Marathon where two died shortly after crossing the finish line—admittedly that was out of 37,899 participants, but it is still sad and scary.

So you can understand how nervous I felt as the presidential race approached the finish line early Wednesday morning (ok, late Tuesday […]

Seen Tuesday Night

Dear Hillary,

Some text below may be slightly, errr… off color. If you are easily offended, come back tomorrow.

Dear Hillary,

Please quit whilst you are ahead.

I realize that I have been a long term supporter and that I think you would be a better president that Obama, but the fact of the matter is that […]

Sexy, Sexy Obama

Now that there are only a smattering of states left to vote in the Democratic nomination process, I might as well come out of the closet.

I want to fuck Barack Obama.

Seriously, he is sexy: nice body, dresses well, can say all the sweet nothings that will make my heart swoon.

He reminds me […]


I suppose that most of you probably are not following the latest news from Armenia, but I have been.

After the recent election, which many claim to have been rigged, protests in the streets have turned violent—and when I saw a report that 8 people had died as a result, I was worried.

I am […]

Super Dienstag

First off I want to congratulate the American media for finally getting something correct.

Today is Super Tuesday.

Unfortunately it’s not Super Tuesday for the faux reasons that the media offers up. I wouldn’t say anytime one gets to choose between an excessively old codger, Ronald Reagan Hair, or a religious nut job, it’s not […]

Odd Space

For some reason, despite zooming ahead and getting a lot squared away, I am suddenly feeling sluggish; stuck in low gear, or something.

I woke this morning at 6:30—and it was a struggle to get out of bed; last night I’d had trouble falling asleep, something I suspect to do with the fact that I’d […]


For those of you who live in Washington State, I strongly urge you to sign the petition and support Initiative 957, the “Defense of Marriage Initiative.”

This groundbreaking and innovative initiative would ensure that childless marriages are banned since, as state courts have noted, marriage is “exclusively for the purpose of procreation and child-rearing.”

Current Choice

Bill Richardson.