May 2024


Whatchamacallit 82: 5€ Notes

Since moving to Europe, I’ve become used to the fact that my banknotes change size and color as the values change.

However, other than noting that I’ve visited Spijkenisse, where the Euro-note bridges went from fantasy to reality, I do not think that I’ve ever discussed the Euro notes.

Simply put, the notes are […]

eAT – elektronischer Aufenthaltsitel – Question

In the near-ish future, I will be picking up my eAT – the elektronischer Aufenthaltsitel – that will be permission for me to stay in Germany a bit longer.

The eAT format is a credit-card sized document that includes a chip that contains biometric identification information.

Providing this led the most amusing moment of my […]

I hope that I see a truly bipartisan US Congress do what the EU Parliament did…

This is truly impressive and inspiring – a multilingual It Gets Better Project video aimed at EU citizens.

EU Parliament GLBT Rights Group

Celebrating 10 Euro Years

A week or so ago I got my first 2€ coin that celebrates 10 years of the Euro.

ECB's info on this special coin.

I have to say that I cannot help but wonder if this is, indeed, the moment to be celebrating the Euro.

That said, I do believe this might be […]


In the category of geeky places I’ve visited, I added one of the more obscure ones to my list yesterday.

It started with a childhood visit to the Four Corners—a truly man-made and obscure political point where four US states meet: Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah. It’s the only place in the States where […]

Weak Dollar

I’m not an expert when it comes to the currency swings. My friend Jerry has his explanation for the weak US dollar, based in part in technical jargon related to the current subprime housing loan crisis, the ever increasing national debt and the like.

I cannot deny that these are legitimate direct casual links; however […]

Historic Day

Today is a histoic day that is far more important that meets the eye.

Turkey and the EU have agreed to formally start accession talks. Hopefully, if all goes well, this will result in Turkey joining the EU in the future.

There is an amazing amount of reluctance on the part of people to accept […]