April 2024


More on Dresden

The Whiney Expat Blogger Meet-Up was, in my personal estimation, a great success.

It was great meeting Eurotrippen’s B again; seeing the Big Wide World’s Cathy somewhere other than the Erfut-Weimar-Jena triad; and then catching up with people I’ve only read before (Germany Doesn’t Suck’s J; Mausi; and C N Heidelberg), as well as people […]

Die Strikers D(i)efeated!

I am in Dresden.

Despite the ongoing strike by Die Bahn’s train drivers, I made it to Dresden today, and my plan worked better than expected.

Yesterday I’d peeked at the train schedule in the morning and noticed that some trains were getting from Weimar to Halle, so I decided to gamble: If I went […]

Trip Notes

JFK Congestion: The only time I’ve flown out of JFK before, I did it in the mid-afternoon. On my way back to Europe this time, during a foggy early evening, the door shut and the pilot announced that at this hour of the day and with these weather conditions, we would spend an hour taxing […]

Mini Meet-Up

My lunch with Cathy and B. went really well—it was great seeing the two of them in the happy environs of Leipzig.

I did have my gay moment with the two: I made them go to Saturn to purchase the Eurovision 2007 double-CD with me. The music is now on my nano – soon to […]

Odd Dream

So last night I drempt that I was onboard an Aeroflot flight—it was a round trip flight and I remember that I left from Moscow—the runway was quite short and the take off was abrupt. I don’t remember anything else about the outward bound flight, nor much about the return flight, except that on the […]

Happy VD

So today is VD—a day that I can reduce to either “Singles Awareness Day” or to VD—both of which are just simply sad.

Since I am perpetually single, I never had any plans for today, and, unless somebody suddenly sweeps me off my feet (I’m at home) and drags me off to something sweet, I’ll […]

so sorry…

I haven’t been in a writing mood this week—which explains the complete and total lack of anything to read on this blog.

I have been reading a number of other blogs—trying to identify myself on Eurotrippen’s “3 simple blogging truths.” (She’s my favorite blogger right now.); trying not to snort too loudly at Jon Swift’s […]

Bag O’Crap

Rodina Mat

Originally uploaded by elmada.

It’s easy to tell that summer solstice is fast approaching. At 9pm it is fairly light out—a far cry from a few months ago when the sun set a few minutes after it rose.

Anyhow, I’ve managed to learn a number of interesting thing off of the […]


Ok, I have to confess that one of my favorite blogs right now is Eurotrippen. The author has just moved to Dresden from America and has been having some terriffic experiences.

The two entries that stick out right now are Grossen titsens, revisited and The whore next door.

I’m hoping for a follow-up to the […]