May 2024


A Modest Proposal for Eurovision 2011: Picking Germany’s Host City

I realize that I am neither Stefan Raab nor any of the powers that be in the German Television Industry, but I have a modest proposal for Eurovision 2011.

As we all know, Eurovision is a really important event every year. The fact is that it is a cultural phenomenon that is watched by millions […]

I’m not in sync.

I can’t believe it: Germany won Eurovision with what I think is a really bland song (Satellite) sung by a forgettable girl (Lena). I don’t care that she did her hair for me.

Her victory moments on stage were insane—I don’t think she had ever considered the possibility that she might win. She […]

It’s Super Saturday: Eurovision 2010!

Eurovision was one of the first European things I ever latched onto—and I latched onto it not knowing what it was whilst being totally clueless about its history. I just knew that it was something awfully important and awfully fun. It took a few more minutes for me to realize that it was also awful: […]

Glittery Body Paint on Men Should Win.

Bulgaria was robbed:

In rehearsal, without body glitter:

Clearly I’ve overlooked Bulgaria as a decent place to vacation.

No sooner do I say I have nothing on my agenda…

Yeah, it’s what I expected: a lot has dropped onto my agenda this week and I’ve suddenly gone from the prospect of having nothing to do to being behind. All this in the course of two and a half days!

This explains my silence. I’ve devoted about 9 hours over the last two days to […]

On the mend…

I have to say that the current cold has come and gone with incredible speed—I actually feel alright.

My only problem is the laryngitis—which is easing. Yesterday I couldn’t talk at all. Today I’ve managed two phone conversations—which is two more than I planned on, but I was able to make some understandable utterances.

I […]

Quelle Surprise!

Today’s been a day I never expected to happen – at least not this quickly. This morning somebody I know told me something in confidence—so I can’t share—but suffice it to say I was blown away by the news.

Anyhow, I’ve been having a very busy weekend and week: After a brief lull where I […]

Eurovision 2010: Strangest Song