April 2024


I’m ready to #JoinUs for Eurovision 2014

Holy Cow! The second semifinals of Eurovision 2014 is tonight – with the finals on Saturday, and I have not mentioned them at all on my blog. Or even on Twitter.

I wish I had a good excuse – but I don’t – I should have blogged about it at some point – somewhere between […]

Adam’s Eurovision 2013 Preview Post

Eurovision is shit this year.

Pure unmitigated shit.

Wait – before you give up, hear me out. As most of you know, I’m a Eurovision fan. Perhaps not the most dedicated (I don’t pay attention to within country song selection processes, not even within Germany), but I do buy the music and listen to it […]

On (1) why Eurovision matters, and (2) why it had to be in Azerbaijan this year.

I neither got around to reviewing the second Eurovision semi-finals, nor to discussing the Eurovision Finals – badAdam.

I have a good excuse: I was exhausted and any free time I had this weekend, I was asleep. Friday’s super early alarm (4:30, after 5 hours of sleep) in combination with a late evening (home past […]

Reflections upon Eurovision, the first semifinals

Last night, my American friend and I went out and watched Eurovision, the first semifinal round, at Rausch Gold, where, appropriately, we got a bit tipsy.

I won’t bother explaining exactly what Eurovision is, since I’ve covered the subject before, and because one can read the Wikipedia Eurovision and get the dry basics there, but […]

My Eurovision 2012 Favorites

In no particular order, I present my 10 favorite Eurovision songs. This list is notable for a number of reasons, including the fact that I really like the song for France – no clue what she’s singing about, but the video has lots of decent eye-candy.

Further, I apologize in advance because I’ve included […]

Eurovision 2011

Saturday night was fabulous – I met up with some work colleagues and friends, had dinner, and headed to a gay bar to watch Eurovision. We were, basically speaking, half of the bar—and responsible for the only three women in the bar – a bar that lacked a women’s restroom, but did have a dark […]

Malta, home to my future husband…

How Malta did not get through is beyond me.

She’s got Nyquil in her eye?!

Can anybody tell me what the first line of Germany’s Eurovision 2011 entry is? It’s sung by Lena, a performer with a rather unusual English accent, and I cannot decide what the line is, even after listening to it more times that I care to admit.

When I listen to it, […]

A Modest Proposal for Eurovision 2011: Picking Germany’s Host City

I realize that I am neither Stefan Raab nor any of the powers that be in the German Television Industry, but I have a modest proposal for Eurovision 2011.

As we all know, Eurovision is a really important event every year. The fact is that it is a cultural phenomenon that is watched by millions […]

I’m not in sync.

I can’t believe it: Germany won Eurovision with what I think is a really bland song (Satellite) sung by a forgettable girl (Lena). I don’t care that she did her hair for me.

Her victory moments on stage were insane—I don’t think she had ever considered the possibility that she might win. She […]