May 2024


Liberalism as a threat to American Midwestern cities.

One of my friends posted a Tweet pointing to a fascinating op-ed piece, Liberalism Threatens Evansville, by Audrey Andress at the Independence Times, a blog that is “your source for news in Evansville and the surrounding area.” For those of you unfamiliar with Evansville, it is in the southwestern corner of Indiana and is the […]

Celebrating being a Square: Last Friday in Evansville

So last Friday I was in Evansville, Indiana, visiting my friend, Disenchanted, while celebrating being a square—something I will be for a year before a 13-year pause before my next square experience.

This was also the day that I gave a guest lecture in her class over one of my favorite topics, Project Wagon Wheel […]

Christian Litters on US 41 in Evansville, Indiana!

The state of Indiana has special license plates that serve identify the select special few, the Christian-Patriotic-Flag wavers who are otherwise under-represented in the state.

The plate, free to those who profess belief, are easily recognizable because they have a stars and stripes motif with large text proclaiming, “In God We Trust.”

Now I’m not […]

Mammoth Caves National Park

Today I added to my UNESCO World Heritage List with my visit to the Mammoth Caves National Park in Kentucky.

The last UNESCO World Heritage site I visited was just a couple weeks ago when I was at home in Weimar; the site previous to that which would actually count, as a tourist, was the […]


Today Chicago Anki and I took a trip–starting in Bloomington. The first photo ought to be easy if you know me; the other three might be challenging–I imagine Ed will instantly know the second photo. He’ll probably know the third. The fourth should stump almost everybody.


Happy… Fourth

I’ve seen this mentioned on quite a few expatriate blogs and on non-expatriate blogs, so the fact that I am adding to the choir probably doesn’t add much, but regardless, Happy Fourth of July.

American Independence Day.

I’ve spent my day in Evansville, Indiana, a quaint city on the Ohio River.

This morning I took […]


Today I will be heading up to IUPUI to do some work and then enjoying a baseball game in the evening with my friend Kevin. Assuming it doesn’t rain in Indy.

It’s raining here in Evansville.

I’m also planning to eat at Yats.


Evansville: Someplace Else

After a busy day yesterday, I insisted that my friend and I head out to Evansville’s gay bar, Someplace Else.

It’s a surprisingly spacious bar on two floors, and we were there a day too early for the “Main Street Festival,” which would be better described as a pride festival. For those who care, it’s […]

Self Censorship

So I’m in Evansville, Indiana, having stopped in Odon to eat at the Odon Essen Haus-excellent Amish lunch buffet for $5.50, drink included.

My friend’s new house is fantastic, although clearly it is still a work in progress-walls need painting, floors need redoing, and stuff needs to be moved. They have made fantastic progress though, […]